What To Bring To The Field For A FPV Race


I personally bring not only the quadcopter, lipo batteries and FPV gear to the field but also a few other things that could save me from inconvenience. Today I will be sharing what is in my quadcopter bag:

Things to bring:

Extra Propellers:

If you do not bring extra propellers while you go out and fly, you must like to live on the line. I like to bring two different types of propellers. A bunch of Gemfan 5030s and DAL 5045s so I can switch in between depending on how I feel. Usually, I fly more aggressively, so I like to fly with the DAL 5045 because they provide more torque.


I do not usually do repairs on the field because the field is pretty close to where I live. In some cases, I will need to either change video frequency channels or tighten loose screws. I bring along a hex screwdriver and nut driver for my props.

Paper Documents:

I occasionally get the smartass who comes up to me a says to me that I cannot fly here, or if what I am doing is illegal. I just simply show them proof with a screenshot of Transport Canada’s website stating that “If your aircraft weighs 35 kg or less and is used for the fun of flying only, you don’t need permission from Transport Canada.” I also bring my MAAC certificate to put the cherry on top.

Landing Pad:

I made a landing pad from an old 3 ring binder. This helps me from getting the quadcopter too wet when I fly after a raining day.

A FPV monitor:

I like to carry a 7 inch TFT monitor to be able to share my FPV experience to the curious passer-by. This really brings excitement, especially to little children and also to expand the hobby to other people.

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