Top 3 Mistakes When Buying a Drone

Buying a Drone Locally:

Christmas is just around the corner while everyone scrambles to find the perfect gift. Wal-Mart, Best-Buy and Target are all selling the latest tech toys, quadcopters or so called "drones". Drones make a fabulous present for a friend, however, price listed for a drone is around 60-150$ for what is considered a "toy drone". Many amateur buyers may not know that these drone prices have been jacked up, upwards of 50% of what you pay online.

I have personally seen drones being sold at Walmart for 150$ while seeing it for only 40$ while shopping online at such places like,,

These websites allow you purchase the toy drone directly from the manufactures, in which you pay much less than say paying from Best Buy. The only downside of purchasing a drone online is that you will have to wait 20-30 days because although it includes free shipping, it is economy shipping; the cheapest shipping available.

So if you are planning to buy a drone for somebody before Christmas, you should buy it now!


Buying an Expensive Drone Immediately:

You all have seen YouTube video of some guy trying to fly his 1000$ drone and showing off to his buddy. Many people who see other people flying expensive drones like a DJI Phantom, IRIS, Inspire 1, etc likes to jump the gun and purchase expensive drones themselves thinking they will be able to fly it like the guy at the park.

No! These drones are not considered toys anymore.

A toy drone is what I call "hurt-proof", there is much less danger when it comes to flying a toy drone than an expensive one. Many people also do not research and understand what their multirotor is capable of ie: GPS Waypoints, Auto-Return Home, Auto-Take Off, Follow Me. These are only some of the advanced features that come from spending your money on an expensive drone. I highly recommend anyone thinking of purchasing an expensive drone to study the platform and how the major functions work.

Most importantly learn how to react when you have a "fly away" or the failsafe kicks in. Before you go out and invest in an expensive one, please practice with a toy drone and just first understand how to maneuvers it. Once you have a mastered this, flying an expensive one will be the same except this time you have more features to play with.

Know The Laws!

Now that you are anticipating a new drone, you are already thinking about whether to fly as high as you possibly can, or get the coolest shots. Well, I'm sorry to say that no matter how big or small the drone is the rules applies to everyone who owns one.

If you are in the United States, you will need to check the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) website and if you are in Canada, you should visit Transport Canada Agency (TCA) for all the rules and guidelines.

Most are the rules are common sense, for example: do not fly over people or buildings, keep the drone in line of sight, and do not fly higher than 300meters. There are more specific rules like if you have a drone heavier than 25kg in Canada, you must report to TCA for the flight you are operating and why. The most important of all rules is, do not fly within 10km of an airport, if you violate this, not only do you put passengers in danger but also you will also be slapped with a hefty fine and not to mention prison time as well.

For more places where not to Fly

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