How to Waterproof your Quadcopter’s Electronics


I live in an area where if it’s not raining then everything is all muddy and wet. This is a major pain in the ass for me because if I crash, not only does it scoop up a bite of dirt into the motors but covers all my electronics with dew. If you want to learn how to clean the dirt from the motors go here.Recently, I found this product that works absolutely fantastic. It is simply a bottle of Liquid Electrical tape. It covers your electronics with a layer of insulator which works really well when applied the correct way.

Waterproof your Quadcopter’s Electronic

There are many places that sell liquid electrical tape such as:

  1. Home Depot
  2. Walmart
  3. Rona
  4. Canadian Tire
  5. A few electronics store

To apply the liquid electrical tape, what you want to do is use a small brush and dab the fluid onto the components. Do not try to paint the fluid onto the components because this will cause you to miss some metal contacts; due to the varying height of the chips. You can apply it to the flight controller, fpv camera, on screen display, voltage step down and your speed controllers.

Some tips I can give you while using the liquid electronic liquid are:

If there are LEDs on the electronics, apply over it and then later clean it off with a napkin. You do not need to apply a thick layer, or else the drying time will take too long, and possibly not even dry fully underneath. To speed up the drying time, use a small little computer fan which should bring the drying time down to only 3 minutes instead of 8. If you got liquid tape on any connectors, you can carefully scratch off the plastic with a small flat head.

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