Changing BetaFlight PID’s with a MinimOSD

This procedure is also applicable to CleanFlight and Betaflight:

Changing your PID’s settings is always important, as different weather and new upgrades will impact the behavior of your quadcopter. Having an OSD can be quite helpful as it saves time from plugging it into a computer. Not only does it give you useful information like voltage, flight time, flight modes and an artificial horizon, it can also change your PIDs settings using your transmitter.


*The setup is with a MinimOSD running KVOSD software. KVOSD is an awesome yet simple OSD software dedicated for Cleanflight. If you are not running KVOSD, I would recommend flashing it to KVOSD


KVOSD easily allows you to activate its PID’s settings page through a simple maneuver with your transmitter when the quadcopter is on. You have to simply ‘throttle middle and yaw right’ for the left stick and ‘pitch full’ on the right stick for about two seconds. This is for Mode 2, but if you are using Mode 1, remember the sticks are swapped.

Once you are in the PID’s page, you can move the cursor around using pitch and roll. In order to change a setting, simply yaw right to increase and yaw left to decrease the value. Remember to hold for 2 seconds to change one value and hold it for longer more rapidly. To save the settings, move the cursor to bottom ‘Save & Exit’ and yaw right. This will update Cleanflight with the adjusted settings.

BetaFlight Procedures shown as screenshots below:

There are many more settings you can change with the OSD. Move the cursor to 'Page' and yaw right. Here are the options you can change with KVOSD:


If you guys were wondering, these screenshots were from EasyCap. Hope you like our BetaFlight tutorial - leave your comments below if you have any doubts!

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