Walkera Rodeo 110 Mini FPV Drone Overview


With the ever increasing popularity of drone racing, users are demanding faster, more agile and smaller drones, to help them complete tighter courses. But does progressively smaller mean less power, speed and ultimately less fun? Today we are taking a first look at the new Walkera Rodeo 110, a Mini FPV Drone that is being marketed as a racing drone.

The Rodeo 110 follows the Rodeo 150, but with some important changes to improve the overall experience. The most obvious change is given away by the name, the Rodeo 110 has a smaller 130mm (not 110mm as the name suggests) diagonal motor span, down from 150mm. This makes the drone overall more compact, but means that smaller props are used (70mm down form 96mm). At only 101g without the battery and 148g with the battery, the Rodeo 110 is a very lightweight drone!

Walkera Rodeo 110 Mini


First Impression:

The biggest change we found was that the frame is mostly 2mm carbon fibre with small amounts of non-structural plastic pieces, which should make the drone very sturdy and able to withstand fairly substantial crashes. In close second is our favourite change, a top mounted battery! The Rodeo 150 has the battery contained within the body of the drone. While this is nice and neat, it did mean that you were very limited in the size of battery that could be used. The Rodeo 110 has the battery mounted on top between two plastic plates (front and back), so while you are not completely free to choose any battery size, it looks like most will fit quite nicely.

Walkera Rodeo 110

The biggest thing that lets the Rodeo 110 down is the FPV camera quality, which appears blurry and has poor light sensitivity. We don’t expect top quality when purchasing a budget drone, but the camera is one area where we really wish manufacturers would spend more of the budget. For anyone buying the Rodeo 110 as a first drone, the FPV experience should be as good as possible if Walkera want to retain them as a customer and this is a real negative in our opinion.


  • Carbon fibre frame
  • Top mounted battery
  • Light weight
  • Reasonable price
  • RTF option


  • Low quality FPV camera
  • No OSD
  • No telemetry


The Rodeo 110 offers a lot of fun in a small package, it has some great upgrades/features when comparing it with the Rodeo 150, but is ultimately let down by the FPV camera. For a drone marketed as an FPV racer, we would like to see better image quality to help with navigating tight courses. The bottom line though is that this is marketed as a racer, but a racer it is not. You simply won’t be able to compete with 5” racing drones when using something this small. That said, for the money the Rodeo 110 ticks a lot of boxes and we would still recommend you strongly consider it if you are looking at mini RTF options or want something smaller to fly around an indoor event.

Courtesy of images : Gearbest.com

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