TOZO Q2020 Drone Review

The Tozo Q2020 is equipped with the latest 6-axis Gyro flight control systems. The small and portable design provides better and safer user experience. Tozo Q2020 is an excellent and stylish drone for beginners. When eyes can't identify the orientation of the drone, the headless mode helps to control the drone easier. It also prevents the drone from losing the direction. "Influence system" provides stable flight and easy operation. It can be used indoor and outdoor


How to use:

Insert the batteries in the slot and connect the leads. The remote is equipped with two AA batteries. move the left throttle up and down to sync the remote with the drone. To start the drone move the right throttle to right down and the left throttle lever to left down. To lift the drone up use the left throttle. Once the drone is in the air, use the right throttle lever to level up the drone. Use the left throttle to bring the drone down.


The range of the drone is about 35-45 meters and it flips in four ways - flips left, right, forward, and backward. 360-degree flips & rolls can also be done. It has powerful air pressure altitude hold function which enables the drone to maintain its position when the throttle stick is released. The flight time of the aircraft is about 5-7 minutes. The charging time is about 60 minutes. TOZO Q2020 is equipped with lithium batteries.


  • color: Black
  • material: Plastic, Electronic Components
  • aircraft weight: 50g
  • remote control: 2.4Ghz wireless Remote control
  • size: 165mm×165mm×165mm
  • PROS:

  • easy to control
  • able to perform single key 3D rolling.
  • easy to assemble
  • high durability
  • easy to replace parts
  • CONS:

  • complaints of calibration not working
  • reports of malfunction
  • very less flight time
  • no camera
  • Conclusion:

    The TOZO Q2020 is an amazing drone for beginners. The hold function feature of the drones helps the user to control it better. Though it has some disadvantages, the drone is an excellent choice because of its incredible features. The drone is small and portable which makes it easier to handle. The headless feature allows for easy maneuvering and the controls are much more instinctive than other drones. However, it has some reports of malfunction and calibration not working.

    Final Verdict:

    It is an excellent drone for beginners and drone lovers. Tozo q2020 is one of the best drones in the price range of $40 to $50.

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