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Quanum Nova is built in such a way, it can be used by both amateurs and professionals, weighing just at 875g . This drone measures 11.81 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches, wrapped in a white plastic body having four 8-inch propellers. It is a 350-size quadcopter with an APM-based flight controller with configurations of both RTF and PNF available. For its affordability, and perfect size, you can pair it with a GoPro or any other action camera which is similar in size and compatibility. This makes the task of shooting aerial videos much easier.This Quanum Nova review is a conise breakdown of this quad's features.

Other than that, the Quanum Nova comes with a LilPoly charger and battery. In addition, it has a radio transmitter with a frequency of 2.4GHZ and seven channels, propellers, and a GoPro Hero 3 vibration charger. For this drone to function, it requires four AA batteries. This is especially needed if you want the radio transmitter to function properly. And with the seven channel 2.4GHZ radio, you will be able to control the Quanum Nova from at least 300 meters away. That is quite awesome if you think about it! This drone also includes the flight modes such as the Direction Locked system, Manual and Stable, Altitude Hold, and the special ‘Return to home’ function which does exactly what it says. It also comes with a one month guarantee allowing you the option to contact or email the manufacturer’s customer support if you face any trouble with the device or with any of its specs


Other Features:

The other features which are included in the Quanum Nova is what makes it so different from all the other drones which are currently available in the market. The drone has been designed in such a way that it can readily accommodate a Q-2D special camera. Add that with control over rolling and tilting, as well as the power connectors attached to it, you will not look for anything beyond this drone. Not only it has a precision GPS, it is also equipped with on-board compass and altitude sensors. The compass is also located inside the shell avoid intervention from the magnetic fields of the flight controller and ESCs. With a flight time of approximately fifteen minutes, it is a good thing that this drone has a system for low-voltage protection.

It has a horizontal speed of 10 m/s and vertical speed of 6 m/s. Advanced users can grab the opportunity to connect this drone to MACLink compatible software (e.g. Mission Planner) and toggle the channels 5-7. This opens the option for wide selection of various flight modes like Direction Locked (simple), Altitude Hold, Manual, Stable (loiter) and Return to Home, which the Quanum Nova is already equipped with, thus unlocking the drone’s full potential.

However for total newbies, carrying out this technique might present as a challenge to program the radio correctly to allow correct control of the drone, as HobbyKing does not provide any videos in this area. However, you can search for other Youtube videos that can help you to guide for the process. This drone is an APM 2.5 (ArduPilot) flight controller making it a very powerful factor of the drone allowing an extensive range of accessories to be used for the APM platform with minute or no alteration.

The white plastic body not only gives it a sleek look but also makes it extremely durable and lightweight. It is small enough to fit into your backpacks or the trunk of your car as well, so you will be able to carry it wherever you go. The LED lights helps in tracking, be it day or night. On the front arms, the lights are green. As for the rear ends, it features red lights. This drone also includes blinking LEDs and an audible buzzer. This is to notify the user when the drone is running low on charge.


In Detail:


The whole box comes in a neat design with white background. It is considerably a bit large in size and is accompanied with several individual boxes inside, containing a quadcoptor, 8 inch propellers x 4 , 2.4GHz 7 channel radio transmitter (Mode 1 version - right stick throttle), landing gears, screws and a GoPro Hero 3 vibration dampened camera mount. Battery, battery charger will be included with the RTF mode. You can also find a transparent packet inside that contains the user guide manual and the basic tools (spanner, screwdriver) to install the camera, propellers.

The PNF (Plug ‘n’ Fly) version does not provide any battery, charger or radio with its packaging but the RTF (Ready-to-Fly) does. The shipment for PNF includes the boxes for them, however empty taking up spaces. So you should keep that in mind before buying or ordering.


The Quanum Nova comes in a sleek and lightweight box, with everything already assembled for you! This means you will not have to go through the painstaking effort of reading the instructions and assembling the drone.You only need to put on the landing gear and charge the battery for its flight.The best part is that the quad can also be modified to fit a larger battery in it. This is because, at 2700mAh, it is going to take a really long time for the drone to be charged completely.The power distribution board could also be moved slightly upwards in order to accommodate a thicker battery. However, the battery hatch is a bit small for that to happen.


The two holes at the bottom of the drone are for the GoPro mount. It also has two +5V ports and two +12V ports at the bottom, along with a port for the USB. This can then be used to connect the drone directly with your computer. The antenna at the right is mounted to the landing gear after being fitted.

You also require a 4 x AA batteries for radio transmitter.

The Nova also has a built-in stand-alone BEC connected to the power distribution board. However, the sole difficulty is finding it, and separating it from the 2 "spare" servo leads that let a gimbal connection. But fear not. HobbyKing's video does a good job of helping you find the right cables to power your receiver and make it work.


  • It is considered to be a value for money because of the wide range of benefits the Quanum Nova is providing.
  • It has a range of 3,280 feet which means that you will be able to cover a pretty long distance.
  • Since the whole package comes to you fully assembled, it is ready to fly as soon as you unpack it.
  • Advanced settings can be used set the different flight modes making it a lucrative drone to buy for advances or professional users.


  • It only has a flight time of around fifteen minutes, which isn’t considered to be a lot.
  • The drone takes a very long time to charge.
  • Charger and batteries for the drone and radio transmitter must be bought separately if PNF mode is chosen.
  • A gimbal and camera needs to be bought separately if you would like to use it for aerial photography or videos.

Customer reviews:

The customer reviews for Quanum Nova has been found to be mostly favorable. This is the ideal drone for professionals or anyone else who is interested in purchasing a drone. It is relatively cheaper than similar models so customers have not forgotten to mention that in reviews. This drone also has a decent battery life with a camera platform, which is quite reliable. Even though some customers have complained about its meager flight time and lack of stabilization signal, it still is a good value drone.

Comparison with Dji Phantom 2 Vision+, Dji Phantom 2 and Parrot Ar.Drone:

Flight Time:

Both the DJI Phantoms tops the flight time at 25 minutes, followed by the Quanum Nova at 15 minutes followed by Parrot, AR. Drone at 12 minutes.

Operating Range:

Quanum Nova tops in this case at a massive 3280 feet operating range, followed by Dji Phantom 2 Vision+ at 2000 feet. The Phantom 2 gets the 3rd position with 1000 feet and Parrot respectively 4th with 165 feet only.


Again, both the DJI Phantoms ties at first place 35.5 miles per hour, followed by Quanum Nova at 25 miles per hour followed by Parrot at 15 miles per hour.


The Parrot grabs the first position with 417 grams. The Quanum Nova takes the second position with only 875g, followed by Dji Phantom 2 at 1161 grams followed by Dji Phantom 2 Vision+ at 1224 grams.

Price (may be vary depending from which online site you are ordering form)

Quanum Nova (Mode 2) – USD $308.83

Parrot Ar.Drone – USD $345

Dji Phantom 2 Vision+ - USD $1,160

Dji Phantom 2 - USD $499.00


HobbyKing did a brilliant job in making this drone. There’s a reason why Quanum Nova is considered as a ground-breaking manufacture. The affordability and ease of use allows it to be bought by budget buyers simultaneously ensuring this device to be user friendly for beginners with professional level flight performance for advance users. Do not let the price fool you for this is built with amazing and unique specs and features that make it stand out from a lot of its competitors at the same time keeping it cheaper. From ready to by flown out of the box, HobbyKing ensured not only a smart design allowing it to be compatible, light weight but constituting it with intelligent orientation control which makes it more easy to fly and to be controlled. It has GPS waypoints, planned missions and the ability to the flight mode which a lot of other ready flight quads cannot do. Its bright LED lights in front and back allows easy orientation when flying.

Although there has been some complaints by users of lacking stabilizations gimbal having limited flying time is limited and comparatively less area flight area is covered, it is a great bargain for the other feature it provides.

In conclusion, this quadcopter stands out as one of the best budget drones packed with high specs!Hope you liked our Quanum Nova review!

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