Potensic F183DH Pros and Cons List – Cheap but packed


Potensic F183DH is a sturdy piece and is worth the dollars you spend on it. It is one indestructible, agile and fast drone which will make your flight worthwhile.


Potensic F183DH 2


  • RTF
  • It comes with 2 spare motors, 4GB TF card, USB battery charger, USB card reader, 1 charging cable, user manual and 4 extra blades.
  • The drone comes in a very well-designed, compact and attractive case.
  • The drone has built-in air pressure sensor which stabilises the drone
  • Great drone for beginners to intermediate hobbyists.
  • The drone has one-key take-off and landing feature which makes the drone easier to fly.
  • The company also offers 1-year free replacement for spare parts .
  • F183dh flies like a pro in breezy and windy conditions.
  • Extremely sturdy and stable with foam padding inside and metal reinforced edges.
  • Decent picture and video quality.
  • It is an unbreakable model that bounces off the ground upon falling. As the quadcopter is extremely light-weight and the propellers, batteries and motors are small, this quadcopter does not get mutilated upon crashing or falling.
  • Emergency stop functionality


  • It produces a weird buzzing sound that can be very irritating for the pilot. Sometimes its too loud
  • Batteries are too small to last the flight for more than 8 minutes.
  • Motors don’t last too long. They may give away after 3 long flights at max.
  • There can be some issues in fitting the batteries and motors in case either of them burns out.
  • Beginners may get confused in understanding the build of this quadcopter. There have been many cases of children confusing the front of the drone with its back.


Overall, Potensic F183DH is a great buy if not for the inconsistent motors. It is a compact, lean and lightweight model. It does not require any FAA registration and is ready to fly out of the box. It is a great value for the price.

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