Lumenier QAV250 Motor Guards Review

Do you know what can ruin a perfect day of FPV?

We have all experienced that one time when you are flying crazy in between two trees and making a left turn, but only to realize that you are too low to the ground. Your Lumenier QAV250 takes a big bite of dirt under its frame while the arms get jammed into the wet earth. You now have dirt trapped inside your motors.

It is a pain to clean the dirt out of the motors! The worst part is getting small grains of sand stuck in between the magnets and the stator of the motors. Some people may remove the sand out of the motors by turning the motors and forcing the grains out until it spins freely. I believe this had happened to everyone at least once.

For this reason, I purchased myself two pairs of 3D printed motor guards for my Lumenier QAV250 from for $5 a pair.

QAV250 3D Printed Motor Guards 1

Upon receiving the motor guards, I was surprised at the resolution and stiffness of the design. It felt smooth with no sharp edges, and the motor mounts fit correctly on the Lumenier QAV250 frame perfectly. During installation, I noticed the screws for my motors supplied by the Cobra 2204 2300KV motors were too short to fit through the frame and the 3D printed guard. Luckily, I had some longer screws for this. I did notice however that screws looked like it was squeezing on the plastic quite hard and it ended up creating a small dent.

Once the guards are fit, it makes your quadcopter look alive with its bright colors and adds, even more, seriousness to it.

motor guards 2

So did this really protect my Lumenier QAV250?

The next day, the weather was sunny although still quite wet on the grass with soft dirt. It was a perfect day to see if the guard can protect the motors from dust and small grains of rock. I took off no problems without having to change any PID settings or configurations. I flew for about 2 minutes, and I hit a soccer goal post directly; the Lumenier QAV250 landed front first, faced straight into the dirt.

I went over and checked, hoping the guards did not break because it made a loud “DING” from the impact with the metal goal post. To my surprise, not only did I not see mud shoved underneath the motors, the guards did not break off like I expected. Upon closer examination, I did see one of the guards look like it has a small split from one of the layers. I was a little worried that it may totally come off after another hard impact.

Which it did after the fourth crash.

Even though the product broke for me, I still believe it is an excellent product . It can save scarring of the motors and save a lot of time for cleaning the dirt. I do, however, would not recommend this to anyone who flies aggressively .Purchase these guards as props!

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