Latrax Alias Quadcopter review


It doesn't matter whether you are an expert at operating drones or a complete novice, the Latrax Alias quadcopter will make your life easy nonetheless. With Latrax Alias Quadcopter, you no longer need hours of practice to learn complex maneuvers; these are accessible with a single button click. When it comes to unmanned aerial drones, Latrax really blows the competition out of the park with its user-friendly configuration and superior design.



Is Latrax Alias Quadcopter worth it?

Read our Latrax Alias Quadcopter review below to find out


Sure, it has a lot of fancy features, but what do they all mean? This quadcopter’s features aren't just fancy because they also translate into practicality. Here are some of its best advantages.

  • Performance:

When it comes to power, Latrax Alias Quadcopter offers 50% more power in its motors than any other drone of its kind currently on the market. The four cleverly positioned rotors are powerful and perform efficiently without making much of a noise. It also boasts 6 axis stability, which means the drone doesn't wobble when you are trying to take a good shot. Moreover, current drones in the market only offer 3 to 4 axis stability, so having 6 instead is a groundbreaking concept. Not to mention, you don't even have to put any effort to keep it stable because it has auto stabilization. If you just want to rush into it, the Latrax is super-fast because of its aerodynamic body (thus resulting in lesser air resistance) and extremely adjustable settings.

  • Special tricks

When it comes to drones, most people just want to get to the back flips and pirouettes right away, but most of the time that's not possible without months of training. However, with Latrax, you can do all the cool tricks at the click of a button, without the wait. The Latrax Alias Quadcopter has the ability to do 3D maneuvers, four different kinds of flips, and rolls. It can do a single flip, double flip, triple flip or a quintuple flip; that’s FIVE times! As for pirouette, it not only can it do that 5 times in a row, but is also able to maintain its flight path simultaneously.

You simply have to press the left auxiliary button (on top) and push the right gimbal towards your desired direction within 3 seconds and voila! Choose 8 different directions to flip it which includes a diagonal position as well. You can also do pirouettes using the left rudder, the principle is the same. To control the number of flips or twists, you need to configure the auxiliary buttons. It's even unfazed in windy conditions!

  • Modes

There are three modes which you can switch between; easy, fast and expert. The easy mode is the default one and is only for absolute beginners; those who are just getting the hang of it. The rate of movement in this level is slow and you cannot do any tricks. If you press the right gimbal to switch to EXP 1, or fast mode, then you can really have some fun. It's a higher performance level and enables you to do tricks because it can tilt more. In the last mode, EXP 2 or expert mode, everything is turned off for full manual control.

I would recommend mastering the collective pitch helicopter before you use this mode. It turns off auto-stabilizers, auto tricks and goes down from 6 to 3 axis stabilization to make it easy to maneuver. I do not recommend this mode if you do not possess a good amount of experience beforehand.


Programmable transmitter and maintenance:

Latrax has posted numerous videos on their YouTube channel showing how to configure and maintain the product, so I'll just skim over some of the features here. The nifty transmitter has a display that shows a couple of useful things. First of all, it has telemetry for the copter battery which is 650mAh LiPo, lasting you around 8 to 15 minutes of flight time. On the left is the transmitter battery status and on the right corner is the copter's. You also get 4 Traxis AAA batteries included in the package as well as additional parts.

The transmitter is notoriously easy to reprogram. If you want to customize the rates of your elevator, rudder or aileron for different modes by holding the throttle (left) stick for two seconds to go to the settings menu and use the small adjustment buttons as desired. To adjust your tricks and use the camera or video mode, you have to assign the auxiliary button which you can assign through the setting menu.

The Latrax Alias Quadcopter is so durable that you probably won't have to think about damaging it for a very long time. However, if you do then rest assured because Latrax is well known for their customer service. In fact, you'll probably be able to fix it yourself because it's designed for easy disassemble and troubleshooting. Most of the necessary parts come complementary in the package and you even get an Allen wrench!

So let's have a final look at the pros and cons:


  • Easy to do tricks, configure settings and maintain
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Powerful, fast and available in a variety of shades of contrasting colors
  • Super lightweight and compact size for both indoor and outdoor flight
  • Auto-elevation means it won't get caught up in the grass and dirt
  • Comes with spare parts, instruction manual and USB charger
  • Excellent customer service from the producers
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble even by new users
  • All needed parts are available with the purchase


  • Difficult to control in expert mode
  • Isn't very fast in easy mode
  • Size is slightly larger than micro copters

More than a third of the Amazon customers are praising it and for good reasons. It's difficult not to fall in love with this product.It is to be noted that TFT was not offered any compensation for this Latrax Alias Quadcopter review. Find more of our reviews at

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