KD Interactive Aura Drone

KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller: Review

Drones are getting more vividly used in today’s world. It is either used as a business tool or as a high-tech toy. Kids today have the opportunity to mix technology and toys. The Aura is one such toy which is designed using innovative technology that makes the children enjoy their toys on a different level. The KD interactive Aura Drone is not just any ordinary drone that uses a remote control, it a toy drone which can be controlled by using hand gestures. The drone was displayed at New York Fair 2017 and was built to eliminate the need to use a remote control. The KD interactive responds to various gestures of the hand.

Eliminating the frustrations of using a joystick, the KD Interactive Aura Drone allows you to use the gloves and makes flying a drone easier. It is specially designed for kids to have the thrill of controlling the drone with just hand gestures. Controlling the drone with their own hands is very exciting, and the kids feel as if they are superheroes. The technology that is used in the KD interactive is taken from the patented Gesturebotics(TM) technology powered by Locorobo. The Aura can fly, climb a wall, roll and fly around the room. It is suitable for indoor use as it cannot operate to a greater height and the battery life is quite less. The Aura does a headless navigation and thus follows the user’s direction, and the orientation of the drone does not matter.



The KD Interactive Aura Drone has five to seven minutes of flight time, and 6 to 23 feet recommended indoor range. The drone can fly up to a height of 7 to 8.5 feet and has 6-axis Gyro Stabilization.

The current price range of the KD Interactive Aura Drone is about $100. Since it is in production, the prices may seem to be a little higher than expected but once these products are being shipped the price range reduces.

Even though the controls are simplified it does not mean that the drone can never crash, the battery life being very less the drone may run out of battery and fall on the ground. To protect the drone in such a condition, the KD includes a protective cage, and it prevents the drone from crashing by making it bounce off the floor.


•    The KD Interactive Aura Drone is very innovative, and children using this toy get to learn a lot about drones.

•    The Auro being controlled by hand gestures makes it more attractive and easy to handle.

•    It has automatic features like auto take off, Auto Hover and Auto landing.

•    The Drone can be flown in any direction you want.


•    The flying time is very less, and you need to keep charging the device after every 5 to 7 minutes.

•    The drone cannot fly at a greater height thus making it restricted for indoor purposes.

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