IONIC Stratus – Should not be your first drone


This quadcopter comes equipped with a mount for GoPro. It is a medium-sized drone and is armed with surprising flight features which can make the flight worthwhile.

Super cheap quad with some nifty features.





Ionic Stratus has a very sturdy frame. It is highly shock resistant and seems crash resistant. The main frame and the arms are made to offer a higher level of strength altogether.

The drone has a sleek body. The replacement parts are also very cheap and easy on one’s pockets. That is if you find proper spares.


The battery of Ionic Stratus can last up to 10 minutes. The battery takes 150 minutes to charge from 0%. This quadcopter does not come with any additional battery. So you must get spare ones as soon as you can.


The controller works on a 2.4 G GR-246 transmitter. The remote controller alone needs 3 x AA batteries to function. This quadcopter is highly customizable to the extent that even the throttle can be customised by the pilot. The quadcopter supports the following functions: justifyward, backward, forward, rightward, downward, upward, rolling of the copter, justify turn, right turn and 3-D flips.


Even the people with minimal experience can work easily with this quadcopter. The controls are easy to maneuver and the ride is super fun with this model. The multirotor stays highly stable when in flight.


This drone is a perfect one for the price. It is compatible with the GoPro Hero camera. Along with the drone, you even get 1 screwdriver, 1 charging cable, 1 remote transmitter, 4 rotating blades, 2 landing skids, 1 Go Pro Holder, 1 user manual and 4 protection frames. A complete package eh?


  • As the drone is extremely cheap for the value it offers and it comes with no extra batteries or motors.sigh
  • The drone parts are hard to find and can take a long time to ship.
  • The shock mount of Ionic Stratus is not the best one. This makes the Go Pro highly unstable.
  • The battery takes a lot of time to charge and it only gives a 10-minute long flight. Many quadcopters in the market have a better flight time and the industry standard for a 10 min charge is about 75 mins.


Feature rich drone if not for the lack of spares and for the super long charging time.Really shoudn't be anybody's first drone.

Only USP is the attached shock mount for some GoPro action.

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