Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Review


Hubsan X4 is a great little quadcopter to start with. It fast and agile .It doesn't burn your wallet. With the price of around 30USD, this quadcopter tops the charts and is one of the most referred-to drones in the RC community. Believe it or not, I can say that I fell in love with the X4, surpassing my love for the QAV250.


In Detail about Hubsan X4:

Having received the Hubsan X4 from for only about 30USD while it was on Black Friday sale, I am more than ecstatic to write about this drone. The package comes with

  1. Hubsan X4
  2. One 380mah 3.7 20C lipo battery
  3. Charging cable
  4. 4 spare propellers
  5. Special propeller removal tool
  6. 2.4ghz Transmitter
  7. Propeller guard (secretly tape underneath the plastic packaging, weird)

The quadcopter has a fantastic hard glossy plastic with four small LEDs to help with the orientation. The frame is specially designed to absorb impacts. This is my favorite thing about the design of the Hubsan X4. The frame is located underneath each arm and when crashed the plastic dislocates from the main arm to absorb the shock (You can then push it back with your fingers), Heck, it doesn’t make a difference in flight performance when even all four motor support gets dislocated. I had many nasty crash and thanks to this, the frame is good as new.


The transmitter, although not fancy like a Turnigy 9x, is pretty comfortable to fit in your hands. Unlike the CX-10, the transmitter is quite small and every small maneuver is quite rapid unless the rate is turned down. The Hubsan X4 surprisingly has adjustable rates for throttle, yaw, roll and pitch separately! You do not usually get this feature on a ‘toy drone’. I, however, do not fly with these features but is quite useful for beginners to turn down the rates for roll and pitch when starting out. Furthermore, the transmitter allows you to change from beginner mode to expert mode. This essentially changes the rates on all channels to high and the quadcopter becomes very sensitive to the stick movements. Other than these two fancy features for the remote, the transmitter also has your basic trims that show on the LCD display. No, the LCD does not light up if you were wondering.


Here is the main reason why I love the Hubsan X4. The customizability! I added a micro 5.8 FPV system on the Hubsan x4 which allows me to fly First-Person View. I will be sharing how I did this in an upcoming tutorial. The Hubsan motors are strong enough to lift extra 6grams of weight with the propeller guards without sacrificing much performance. Not to mention the spare parts and batteries are super cheap. I got 8 extra 380mah 3.7 25C LiPo(s) off eBay which is the same as buying one QAV250 3s battery. I live in Vancouver, where it is mostly rainy weather, and I fly this indoors whenever it’s raining outside. The 5.8 signal can penetrate all three layers of the house.

I highly recommend buying this quadcopter! You will save yourself a lot of time from building, configuring and repairing quads if you choose to purchase the Hubsan X4. Besides it saves you tons of money and very portable to carry around. Plus, as a last note, this is the cheapest way to FPV if you ever wanted to explore into FPV flight.

Let's get started with some FAQ, shall we?

Since most of the readers are from Canada, Australia, Singapore, and India, I am obliged to drop some links as to where to buy the Hubsan x4.

If you are in Australia:

  • Australian Robotics - though the drone is hardly in stock
  • Just Hobbies
  • Try to get this through though you will have to pay additional customs and shipping charges
  • If you want to buy it off eBay , make sure you research your seller properly by looking through his reviews

If you are in India:

  • and Flipkart don't sell popular drones .So, you are left with the only option of buying it through and paying the super hefty 30% customs duty!
  • Even if you do find this on Flipkart and Amazon , it's highly unlikely that it's going to be a fulfilled order by a reputable seller . If you end up buying the Hubsan x4 in India , let us know!

If you are in Singapore:

If you are in Canada:

  • Pro RC if its out of stock on AMZ

1. Ok, So you bought the Hubsan x4 and the motor goes kaput in a few weeks. What do you do?

Motor replacements for Hubsan x4 is a fairly easy task. But.Never go cheap on a new set of motors.

Check these out and make sure you buy one of these too, just in case. Having replaced a ton of motors, I have never soldered wires together .They are super thin and there is hardly any free space for extra wires in the arms. You can resolder it at the board instead.

2. How do I pimp my Hubsan x4 you ask ?

Batteries :the stock batteries is something you can write home about( for those who don't now Hubsan x4 battery life is about 5 mins and can go about to 9-10 minutes if you plan to upgrade to a 500mah battery kit ) .

ZJchao -(380) though decent, getting a good set of these is like winning the lottery. Poor quality control but a good buy never the less.

Neewer(500) is another option but you may also need to buy their battery charger which pulls about 0.8 amps in total.

The best buy would be the Tenergy though they have a lower 380mah capacity. These, for the most part, do not have any glaring quality control problems and you can be rest assured that each pair won't differ from the other.

Also, all of the above batteries are compatible with all major Hubsan x4 models (Hubsan X4 (H107C-HD), Hubsan X4 (H107C), Hubsan X4 (H107D), Hubsan X4 (H107L)).

Carrying case water proof your drone and can help you carry spare parts which might come in handy.

Protection Guard , if you are into that sort of thing but can be really hard to get a proper fit.

If you need a motor upgrade, check out the dark edition motors MMW

3. Is your Hubsan x4 drifting?

  • Check for hair or lint built up on one or more of the shafts
  • Try to isolate the problem by
    • Turn on the controller and do the stick calibration
    • Power up the Hubsan and bind the thing up with your controller
    • Calibrate the accelerometers by keeping the X4 on a flat surface
  • If you tried all of the above and it still doesn't work - It's probably a motor or electronics issue. Return it!
  • Also, note that some amount of drift is perfectly fine. Make sure you know how bad it is!

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