Holy Stone X300C – Not even the best HS out there


Holy Stone X300C has more of a sci-fi vibe to it and is a kind of generic starfighter.It is all chromed up with some flashy paint as well. Is it worth it ? Maybe ,maybe not. Read on to find out . Also,check out our review on

Also,check out our review on Holy Stone HS110 .



This ready-to-fly quadcopter comes with the following components in the packages:

  • A user’s manual
  • A USB charger
  • Drone
  • 2.4 G transmitter
  • 4 blades
  • Goggles
  • A screw driver
  • A handling gear
  • A spare battery

It is worth noting that the batteries for transmitter do not come in the package.PITA when companies do it . Batteries cost $2 or something , well that's a different story.




Starfigher'ish looks with some aerodynamic advantages. X300C is available in two colors: red and silvery white. Though I really do not know who would buy a red one. Silvery white is prone to getting crusty after a few falls .

When talking about durability, the plastic material of the body seems to be durable enough to sustain some crashes. You may, however, want to take breaks between each flight (approx. 10 minutes) to avoid the drone from overheating.


The 2 MP camera quality is clearly not the best but it does provide a First Person View. Images and videos can be taken by the camera and be stored into the SD card. It can even be directly uploaded to the phone. Due to this very feature, this model is quite suitable for commercial purposes. Videos and photos come off grainy. HS110 has a 720p camera, just saying.

Apart from ease-of-control, this drone also has an additional feature of Phase-detection auto-focus which helps to adjust the camera with the speed.


Holy Stone X300C comes with a lone 3.7V 750 mAH battery. This battery takes around 72 minutes to charge up fully. A fully charged battery can last for about 10 minutes.


Holy Stone X300C has the strength of TX transmitter. It combines with an application to help in the piloting of the quadcopter. The TX controller gets you an easy-to-connect access via the manual controls and 2.4 G connectivity. This feature helps you to get signal strength and it also helps to mark the altitude of the quadcopter.


This drone comes equipped with three different flight modes (beginner, intermediate and experience) and 360 degrees flip feature.


This marvel can make instant swings, 3D rolls and spins, throttle and other interesting acrobatics. There is also automation of take-offs and landings.


  • The model is capable of heating up very quickly. This makes long breaks between the flights important. There is a review somewhere which says the drone caught on fire on the first flight! Yea this thing heats the crap up.
  • There is also a time lag of 5 seconds for the drone’s control signals.
  • Buying this drone isn't easy. Amazon doesn't carry it almost half the time.
  • HS110 is better, I think - that being said you get what you pay for. X300Cs generally had more quality control than the HS110.

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