Holy Stone HS110 – Decent drone with a 720p Camera


Holy Stone brand has worked wonders in the recent years. They now offer better, faster and more efficient drones for the drone rookies. Their latest Holy Stone HS110 is a classic yet stylish drone and has capabilities which all the drone lovers would enjoy.

It is quite packed with a 720P camera, headless mode, FPV capability and one button take off and landing. In fact, HS110 is somewhat like U45 Blue Jay. HS110 even has gravity mode sensor and 4-speed variable adjustment. Nonetheless, it is one of the top value quadcopters you can get for this price


Holy Stone HS110 Overview:


Holy Stone HS110 is only a few inches smaller than U45 Blue Jay. It is 12.6 inches in length and 2.6 inches in height. It weighs only 108 grams. This model does not even require FAA registration.


The battery of HS110 takes 60 minutes to charge. This is quite less when compared to other models in this price range. A full charged battery can last for about 7 to 9 minutes. The battery is 3.7 V 650 Mah Lipo battery.


This drone model is not capable of clicking pictures or recording videos in 4k. But it does come with a 720p camera which is good enough who is on the lookout for a decent yet first drone. It can produce images as well as videos at 1280 x 720 resolution.

The drone also does real time FPV transmission. This popular feature can allow you to have a first person view when the drone is on flight. It also lets you take a better picture and record better videos. You can either use your Android phone or iOS and stream both videos as well as pictures.


One of the best features of HS110 is the altitude function that lets the quadcopter hover in the air. It also has headless mode and a 4-speed adjustment feature makes this enjoyable for advanced pilots too.

This drone is definitely not recommended for indoor flying. But it does use a well-equipped LED navigation and lighting system for a perfect night-time flight.

Apart from these amazing features, this model also comes with Return Home function which isn't a norm in this price point.


  • Camera is 720p and not 4k. 4k is asking for too much though 😛
  • There are reports of high levels of imbalance in rough weather conditions.


Decent beginner drone at a great price point. Definitely one of the better drones in the $100 to $150 range. Do let us know what you think in the comments !

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