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When I first purchased Easycap from Banggood.com, I was very skeptical. In my mind, I thought about every possible negative thing that can come up when purchasing a cheap fpv setup. This by far has surpassed my expectations!This article will deal about easycap setup and will also offer essential driver links. I am throwing in a small easycap review as well!


The Easycap I purchased from Banggood was less than 10USD and comes with not only the analog video connector but also S-Video, left and right audio channels. The quality build feels really nice, comes with durable wires, and a USB cover. The DVR software comes in a small CD and the license code on the face of it. The license code however, did not work for me and I needed to search online for another registration code which then worked. When I first tested out on my 14-inch laptop screen, it was absolutely amazing, the latency was super low! It was so low that, I honestly could fly my QAV250 with the video. Easycap setup is fairly simple too.All you need is a couple of drivers and you good to go!

The DVR software is pretty simple to use. It allowed me to record the DVR footage in decent analog quality however, I felt that the live stream video quality is much better than the saved video. A really neat feature about the Easycap is that, it does not blue screen or shut off, it instead snowflakes the video. I would not even consider it snowflakes since the software replaces the black and white static with colorful pixels. This is less distracting when flying as most of the time the colored static is kind of blended with the rest of the video when the connection is weak.

Now the main question is; would I recommend this for FPV?

I would certainly recommend this for a beginner or someone who wishes to have a cheap DVR. I know that the most popular route currently for beginners is to purchase a TFT monitor as their first fpv setup. Many of these monitors cost in the range $50-$60, whereas if you already have a laptop you can use it. In addition, you get the DVR feature which is a big plus. As for me, you know that I am all about the goggles, for the “cockpit feeling”, but sometimes I like to bring this around if I know I am going to fly with my friends around so they could spectate on a larger screen, instead of viewing it on the 7 inch TFT Color Monitor.

How to Setup up Easycap?

  1. Connect the Easycap to you PC or laptop
  2. Allow the computer to search and install the driver by itself.
  3. Install Honestech TVR from the CD or through Google.
  4. Now open up the software and it will require you to enter the license code. Use the Serial code: TVR25-NMBGG-HGGGH-362DC-6BMG6 you will need to type in each section individually.
  5. Once the software has opened, you may see your webcam if you have a camera connected. You will need to tell the computer to choose the other camera. To do this, press composite on the media bar. You now have live video stream!
  6. To record the video, press the red circle to allow it to record
  7. To stop the recording, press the red circle again
  8. Here is the important part, in order to save the video, you will see a drop down list underneath the media bar, right-click it and press “Save as...”

The video is saved in “.mpg” If you have problems viewing it, use a video converter or the DVR itself to play it back.

Easycap Setup drivers:

All of the following EasyCap drivers are hosted in our Dropbox account .It is to be noted that easycap driver won't usually work on 64 bit systems. To disable driver enforcement int Win 8 and up . check this link .

Vista and Windows 7 EasyCap Setup drivers :

Try your luck with these if the above doesn't work :

If you have trouble

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