Eachine E50 Foldable Pocket Selfie Drone Overview


Today we are looking at the Eachine E50 Drone, which is a tiny, budget selfie drone. The drone is clearly marketed towards the novice user who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, but is it worth buying? We will look at the features and how user friendly the drone is, along with whether the image quality is as low as the price!



First Impression:

The main thing we see here is fun! Being able to control the drone with your phone is great and makes it easy for everyone playing games on their phone. When you first see the drone you will notice just how small it is, this really is a pocket drone. Unlike others with a separate remote control, there is no bulky extra thing to bring with you when you go exploring, just use your phone.

The gyro function is especially good for newcomers, enabling you to control the E50 just by tilting your smartphone. Combined with the altitude hold, the E50 should be a very beginner friendly drone. “Headless” mode is another great feature and means than you won’t get disorientated. It allows you to control the drone justify/right, back/forward based on its location relative to you, rather than its orientation. A live feed from the onboard camera to your smartphone really adds to the fun and means you can see your selfie as you take it.


When looking at the image quality we really do have to consider how cheap and small this drone is. For the price we think that the image quality is very reasonable considering that this is a flying camera. That said, in real terms and comparing to a smartphone the image is low quality. You won’t be using the E50 for aerial photography or entering any competitions, but for taking a group photo from above, the E50 gets the job done.

The other side of this drone is the toy aspect and as a toy, we think this is great. Being able to fly for 8 minutes on a charge means that beginners can get a reasonable amount of flying time in before landing. For more advanced users, the flight time will be long enough to set up a small course and race around it. The E50 could be a great first FPV drone for those who are on a tight budget. If you are going to be using the E50 for more than the occasional selfie, we recommend picking up extra batteries and a multiple battery charger. With these you could potentially stay flying indefinitely and if you are out and about you will have a reasonable amount of time in the air.

The light weight and small size are both great for making the E50 portable and very easy to carry around with you, but do make the drone a lot less suitable for using outdoors, particularly for capturing images. As the drone has no image stabilisation, even a gentle breeze will make your video shaky and your images blurry. This isn’t a problem if you are just having a fun fly around the garden, but if you are trying to take a group shot, we think this could get tiresome pretty quickly.


  • Compact but manages to retain key features
  • Price point very competitive compared to other options in the market


  • No image stabilisation
  • Very light, so will struggle outdoors


With technology in general we like to tell people that you generally get what you pay for and not to expect something for nothing. For the most part this is true with the Eachine E50. You get a camera drone for not a lot of money and so shouldn’t really expect great quality, but what you do get is a drone that is great fun to fly and is capable of keeping you entertained for hours.

The DJI Mavic can rest easy, there is no competition here. For the likes of the popular Hubsan X4 though, the Eachine E50 provides some real competition. We often recommend that people don’t bother spending that little bit extra for a toy drone with a camera, because it’s essentially wasted money over the base model, but the E50 has changed our opinion!

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