Dragonlink V3 Review: The Future of Drones Is Here!


Finally it’s here. Dragonlink, manufactured by DragonLabs, has finally evolved and has brought us their state of the art V3 system. Today we are going to give it a proper review, which will cover all points necessary to make you understand why you need to buy this system as soon as possible! Of course, we will also write about the cons – because this is not a biased review. Without nothing more to say, it’s time to start!

But just before we start… what’s a Dragonlink? In plain words: It’s a transmitter module that hooks up to your normal RC transmitter. That’s it. When you buy the full Advanced System, you get the following:

  1. 1 x Nagoya Transmitter Antenna
  2. 1 x High-performance FPVPro Receiver Antenna
  3. 2 x Dragonlink Decals
  4. 1 x Long Range Transmitter Module
  5. 1 x Long Range Advanced Micro Receiver
  6. 1 x Connection Cable for Transmitter Module
  7. 1 x Mounting Bracket for Transmitter Module

That’s all you need to know by now, because you are about to see how this little transmitter can take your drone experience from zero to hero!

dragonlink v3

The Overview:

In comparison to the Dragonlink V2, this is not just an upgrade, to the contrary: it’s a total evolution! It has been built with top-notch technology along with HQ components, in order to bring you a system superior to the rest. Here you have the principal specs:

  • Bluetooth-compatible. You can use it with any Android tablet or mobile device.
  • Easy to configure in your own PC.
  • Built-in serial Radio Modem.
  • Compatible with Mission Planer and Droid Planner.
  • Logging of position, flight amongst other important data.
  • Top-notch spectrum analyzer.
  • Removable SD Card.
  • Lightning-fast update rate (perfect for racers!).
  • Bidirectional Telemetry (up to 50KM if used with stock antennas).
  • 100% compatible with DragonLink Micro Receivers.
  • Accurate Lost Plane Finder – never lose your drone again!
  • Easy to use

Those are the principal specs and features of the Dragonlink V3. Now it’s time to dive into the pros and cons for this product. This is where we will see why you need to buy it right now!


Now it’s time to see the pros of this product. Each pro has been granted a unique sub-section for a better understanding.

Dragonlink Range: A Completely New Level

Have you ever been in this situation?: “Wish I could fly further!” Well, your problems are over with this transmitter module! Because it will grant you the awesome possibility to fly further than ever before… with a typical range of 40km with supplied antennas! But that’s just the typical range, because you can go a lot further. All components used it in fabrication, included the Dragonlink antenna, contribute to its excellent performance.

A Full System:

The unique thing you need to do is to buy the Dragonlink V3 and that’s it. Nothing extra to buy. You only need to buy the full advanced system, select the right options for your RC Transmitter connection cables, along with airplane antenna options. That’s all you need to do.

Dragonlink Receiver: Easy To Calibrate

You know, with products similar to this one, calibrating the receiver is a real hell. But in this case, to calibrate the dragonlink receive, then the unique thing you need to do is to check is if the blue led is either solid or blinking. If it’s the first option, then you do not need to do anything, but if it’s blinking, then you should go to DragonLinkRC.com and download the configuration software. You will get your receiver going in no time!

Easy To Use:

Overall, this system is very easy to use and offers excellent benefits. You can log all your flight info without problems in your Android phone or tablet, and as it works through Bluetooth, you don’t even need to connect it. And as we have seen just moments ago, you can calibrate the receiver with its own software.

Perfect For Racers:

The principal problem with most drones and systems like the Dragonlink V3, is that they tend to lag and this can ruin your racing experience. Thanks to its lightning-fast update rate you can forget about lag! It will grant you control over your drone, doesn’t matter how big or small it is. If you want to get to the next level in drone racing, then you need to get this modern system by DragonLabs.

A Perfect Match For Professionals:

If you are looking for an RC system that goes hand to hand with your professional activity, then this one has the answer for you. If you often have to fly your drone in high interference areas, then this system will combat this problem effectively. The same if you have to fly around obstacles or tricky areas, you will be able to capture HQ video without problems.

Fully Compatible:

This system has been designed to be compatible with a wide myriad of RC transmitters, up to 99%! You don’t have to worry about anything, because in the strange case it didn’t match your transmitter, then you can always claim your full guarantee.

Full Security:

And finally, if you want to protect your drone from crashing or getting lost, then this RC system will provide you with the protection you need. Thanks to its Lost Plane Finder feature, you will never lose your drone.

But this new system goes further than that. It uses a 430 MHZ frequency, which allows it to penetrate objects and never lose control over interference. This will protect your drone even more. Have doubts, you can fly your drone with the help of the Dragonlink V3 in cities where the interference is scandalous:

  • New York
  • Beijing
  • Los Angeles
  • Bangkok
  • Mexico City

You can fly your drone without problems in any part of the world!

Right before going into the few cons, it’s time to do a brief comparison between this new system and its predecessor.

Dragonlink V3 vs. Dragonlink V2:

Just to conclude this article, let’s give a look to the cons:


  • A bit pricey. It’s a bit over $300, which is kind of expensive, $100+ more than the V2. But as we have said before, it’s money that’s very well invested.
  • You may need a HAM radio license. In the USA it’s a must, and it may be the same case in other countries.

Those are the unique cons in fact. The system is pretty solid and has gotten lots of positive reviews. And you also have to know that there are big companies that trust Dragonlink V3, so much that they use this system on their ultra-expensive drones ($100,000+). And it’s easy to deduct that no company out there would use an RC system on such an expensive drone without knowing if it’s reliable or not.


This has been all for this review. We hope you enjoyed it. We have done a detailed analysis reviewing the pros, cons and even a comparison with the V2.

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