Blade Nano QX Review

What attracts drone fans towords Blade Nano QX ?

What makes the Blade Nano QX RTF appealing to the users is mainly its compatible size; you can fly it indoors without any hassle. It is perfect for beginners, and its ultra-durable structure allows much ease.It is quite low in weight, at a measly 16 grams.It is supported by the SAFE technology, and as the blades have built-in guards,the user does not have to worry about hurting anyone.


You can take this drone just about anywhere; it has tremendous adaptability and is easy to maintain. It is compatible with other drones as well, because of its 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter with four channel signals. By pressing the right thumb control downwards, you can change between two modes. The sleek design and admirable qualities make the Blade Nano QX a formidable quadcopter to compete with.

Features of the Blade Nano QX in detail:

Let us dive into the details. Blade Nano QX exclusively features SAFE tech along with agility and stability modes. In the stability mode, the SAFE tech will not allow the quadcopter to fly horizontally to the extent where the controls would be lost. This is very good for the beginners since they don’t have to worry about maintaining a safe measure. The agility mode is the alternative of the stability mode; this option will let you pull off some really cool moves, such as flips and rolls. For a beginner these moves need a bit practice, so not recommended until the machine is properly mastered.


If by any chance you lose control of the quadcopter in flight, all you have to do is let go of the controls.This will allow the quadcopter to loose its speed and immediately bump to the floor or wall.The momentum is lost in a slow manner and the impact is light, so there isn’t any damage done to the device.The built-in guards on the propellers will stay unaffected as well. Combine this with the SAFE tech, and you realize that this quadcopter is virtually immune to crashes and damage. Overall, Blade Nano QX is quite flexible and allows the user to push it to its maximum limit.

You have colour options; you can either choose your Blade Nano QX to be yellow or green. Its motor is potent brushed; this gives it a smoother and more powerful lift. Blade Nano QX has a 4-in-1 DSMX SAFE sensor unit built into it, which can put up a serious amount of work; at least much more than any normal helicopter or airplane model. The flight time of this device is ten minutes. The more speed you put, the lesser you fly, just keep that in mind.

The SAFE technology, which stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope, believes in excellent customer service. So do not hesitate to call them when your quad gives you troubles. Their service includes replacing the broken parts of your quad, even for free! Moreover, this quadcopter, with green and yellow canopies, have sharp graphics that look absolutely stunning. It has a USB battery charger with batteries of 1S 3.7V 150mAh 25C Li-PO of E-Flite. Each of the wings has its own rotor, with the latest inclusion of exclusive rotor blades.

The transmitter is not included in the BNF (bind N fly) package. You can easily connect it with the transmitter you already may own. But if you want an upgraded transmitter, then go for the RTF (ready to fly) package, which is a good deal on its own. This gadget has no limit in bank angles and no such thing as self-levelling. The mechanism of the Blade Nano QX gives a smooth response to the pilot all the time.



  • The very first thing which is up to the mark is its compatibility.
  • It is safe and perfect for the beginners.
  • Spare parts are included with the device.
  • It is protected with SAFE tech and is very hard to break.
  • You can fight the wind resistance very easily in spite of its light weight.
  • No matter how you launch it in the air it will stabilize itself in no time.


  • The motors get hot easily.
  • The brushed potent motors (provides powerful and smooth lift which is 4-in-1 DSMX) wear out no matter how careful you are.
  • No lights on the quad, so night flying is out of the question.
  • There is no warning when the battery turns low.
  • Very low battery lifetime.

Customer reviews:

The buyers are very pleased with the Blade Nano QX. On the website, the rating it has is 8/10 and in the rating is 7.8/10, showing how the customers are highly appreciating this quadcopter.Its unbreakable structure has received quite a lot of praise, which is perfectly understandable. The replacement of the parts of the quad is also cheaper in cost. You need to pay four dollars for the spare propellers. The batteries will cost you a bit more, but it is worth it.

It is worth noting that many of the buyers were beginners. According to them,Blade Nano QX gave them the experience and feel of flying a highly sophisticated quadcopter. This fact alone shows how successful this device was!These positive reviews drown out the unjustified comments about this quadcopter simply being a toy, which are very few in number to begin with.

The quadcopter is accessible from almost everywhere and if you are lucky enough, you will get free shipping for it as well. Not only are the excellent features of the quad dragging the buyers,they are attracted to the responsive customer service as well. The receptionists are always at a customer’s beck and call and will lend a helping hand when needed.It was declared that the selling rate of this quadcopter established it as the most beginner friendly technology.

The customers also complained about the battery lifetime of the quad. It is ten minutes if you play safe and it’s five if you want to have all the fun. But all the viable customer reviews agreed that Blade Nano QX is worth the experience. It is very easy to fly and handle. Anyone from any generation will undoubtedly have fun using this marvellous machine.

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