Air Hogs Pocket Copter Review


Have you ever wanted to own your own helicopter? Well you don’t have to be a millionaire to own one anymore, as the remote control helicopters allow you to realize your dreams without going bankrupt. The RC helicopters range from beginners’ light weight models to hobbyists’ heavy duty ones. This air hogs pocket copter review is going to be short and sweet!

For starters, the price and experience are of primary concern. For a beginner, you would want to start off cheap. The whole experience of flying one of these tiny birds also counts– the ease of use, flexibility, durability, and most importantly, whether you like flying RC helicopters or not.

The Air Hogs Company claims that they are “The Leaders in Remote Control Vehicles” and they have good reason to make that claim. The quality of the products they bring to the market is truly unbeatable.


The Air Hogs Pocket Copter is a 2 channel coaxial indoor RC helicopter. The packaging box can be assembled into a carrying and storage box as well as a charger for the Copter. The charger requires 6 AA batteries and the controller requires 3 AAA batteries. The RC helicopter is less than 4 inches, making it the smallest of its class. The controller is user friendly and comprises of a horizontal rudder stick, vertical throttle motion sticks, and trim buttons for spin control.


Testing the Air Hogs Pocket Copter:

Air Hogs Pocket Copter is incomparable inside and out. It is quite small, around 33% of the span of the Metal Gyro copter. What's more, it is completely formed of plastic, which turns it much lighter as well as more solid compared to other copters, since the plastic that Air Hog utilizes makes it a lot more adaptable. Unfortunately, a tail rotor is not included to control forward force, which should have been the case. Rather, one needs to turn the weight circulation, which alters the pitch of the copter, and subsequently, its forward energy.

Although one might think that a prompt accident landing might occur, that is not the case. You can connect with the throttle in such a way that the copter is well prepared for lift off, balances the trim to keep a moderate turn, and provides the throttle with more control, which will easily allow you to effectively float their copter. After a little more practice and a couple of more treks up, you will be able to run and pilot the Copter without any difficulty and also land it smoothly.


As for the question of durability, the Air Hogs Pocket Copter can’t get destroyed that easily. Of course, you can easily get careless with this device and brush up against accidents if you’re not careful enough. Nevertheless, the worst that can happen is that the landing struts might turn a bit unfavorable and became detached. But, those could easily be put back into its right place. The sharp edges can turn out to be somewhat scratched if they hit the walls, objects, or chairs, but that will not be enough to upset the flying capacity of the copter. This pocket copter is intended to be little, as well as to fly in confined regions, which is something that it does effectively.


The Air Hogs Pocket Copter’s tiny structure is its most prominent feature. However, its size and plastic body makes it crash resistant. It is very user-friendly and highly responsive. Its carrying box provides good protection to it and it is currently a collector’s item. This carrying case is like-able itself, since it’s quite tough and shields the Pocket Copter from harm when it’s away, and it additionally makes it significantly more advantageous to bear. One doesn’t have two items to clutch (one of which is delicate), you simply have a solitary strong box.

By and large, the copter’s development is satisfactory, as well as its solidity and the flight control. It is not difficult to use inside the house and it seemed to last long without any major damage. Recharging the batteries of the copter takes about 10-12 minutes for a 6-15 minute flight. In case you're searching for an awesome beginner level remote controlled helicopter, this is the most durable thing for you.


The copter is a little backdated now. It is slightly unstable in flight due to its size and the spin makes it hard to control. The worst part about it is the battery consumption and the relay charging. It would have been better if the charger was incorporated with the controller, so you could purchase less batteries, and at whatever time you have the controller, you could energize and fly without returning to "base."


The Air Hogs Pocket Copter received mostly positive reviews on Amazon. Some customers have stated that despite getting faulty parts with the helicopter, the customer service was quick to respond and more than willing to replace the whole helicopter set. At the same time, some have stated that the charger was a little defective, but other than that, this was an excellent purchase. On the other hand, those that weren’t so pleased with the helicopter stated that the product was extremely faulty and that the helicopter is flimsy and not durable.


The Air Hog Pocket Copter is undoubtedly a highly entertaining device. It not only flies but its tiny size also makes it compact and mobile. However, the number of batteries and the charging technique are considered to be its biggest disadvantages. It was the latest model in 2010, but there are better technologies at disposal now. That said, there were many people who absolutely loved the product and highly praised the customer support for being very responsive, while at the same time, some others felt that the helicopter just wasn’t good enough and that it wasn’t very durable. Both good and bad reviews did mention that the charger is faulty for some of the products. Overall, this is a great gadget for helicopter enthusiasts, especially for first timers.

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