Top Drone Brands You Should Know


From being a military equipment to an everyday appliance, from surveillance to delivery, drones have transformed and fit into the modern world. Unmanned aerial vehicles, which have been regarded mainly as a weapon of war, are expected to play increasingly key roles in business and civic affairs, from delivering packages to inspecting roads and bridges to video content production which allows great flexibility in a small budget compared to using a helicopter. So it is quite a useful to know the prerequisites for this soon to be a big commodity to choose from best drone brands 2015. Before we start, keep in mind the use of consumer drones can vary from region to region due to the different laws in place but generally being able to be used in large open areas away from urban cities but nevertheless we strongly advise you to check your local laws first.This article is fairly generic and discusses top drone brands which may or may not manfacture drones for consumers.

Before we start, keep in mind the use of consumer drones can vary from region to region due to the different laws in place but generally being able to be used in large open areas away from urban cities but nevertheless we strongly advise you to check your local laws first.

Before we start, keep in mind the use of consumer drones can vary from region to region due to the different laws in place but generally being able to be used in large open areas away from urban cities but nevertheless we strongly advise you to check your local laws first.

So how were these Drone brands Shortlisted?

The Controls:

The best drone brands range from the most sophisticating controls to simpler automated flying though the app interface (still relatively new) but usually comes in a remote control with two joysticks like the Xbox. One stick controls the speed that is throttle and also rotation. The other controls maneuverability like roll (about the longitudinal plane) and pitch controls (for up and down movements). Best drone companies provide good remote controls that fit well in the hand, with sticks resting comfortably under your thumbs and providing a smooth, responsive feel that allows you to guide the drones by touch.

Some best drone brands 2015 skip the remote control, or offer it as an extra-cost feature, and instead use the latest trending techno companion, smartphone connected via Wi-Fi and a flying app. These apps often provide a live video view from the drone’s camera. However, apps don’t allow the precision of real controllers: It is easier for your thumbs to slip, possibly causing a crash. Moreover, newer features such as tapping on a 3D map to travel is still new and prone to issues but updated frequently to remove such issues and thus providing a better experience, evidently why it’s better to go for the best drone companies.

Bodywork Repair:

Best drone brands make sure of an unplanned descent and ground interface or crash in stride, without frame damage. Best drone companies include shields to protect the rotors and electronics from harm and offer a ready supply of cheap parts like rotors and struts to replace the broken ones, and will make it easy to swap these parts out when required. The same is true of batteries and water resistance, some drone may not mention it but they are actually made to withstand a certain small amount of water.


Even the best drone brands give only an airtime of about 10-20 minutes. So it’d be best to buy secondary batteries for swapping whenever needed. For creative professionals, this is quite important, as you never know how long it will take to get the right footage. This may not be easily possible with cheap drones not bought from the best drone brands.


Want to show off your flying skills or perhaps that amazing view? The camera can be an added feature in some drones. The best drone brands even provide HD recording in internal memory cards like GoPro or even first person view, for example, the Parrot Bebop comes with a camera built right into the main frame.

Some of the top drone brands:


It’s one of the largest manufacturer of drones, based in China. Its products are sold over the world and surely regarded as one of the best drone brands available, even to this present year the newer DJI phantom models are a success as well. Both commercial and recreational drones are sold ranging from flying cameras, flight controllers or transmitters, flying platforms, aerial gimbals, handheld gimbals as well as ground stations. The Inspire series is the range of flying cameras that DJI offers. While the Phantom series is world-renowned for an integrated flying system that includes a camera, Wi-Fi, controller, smartphone integration and numerous sensors to prevent it from crashing into an object and offering an easy flying mode through the use of the touchscreen on the connected smartphone via their application. The drones in the Phantom series include Phantom 1, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+, and Phantom FC40.

Parrot, SA :


Another one of the best drone brands 2015 is this French company that offers UAV like mini drones, quadcopters, sky controller, indoor drones, etc. The AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition, which is an integrated flying system complete with HD camera, controller, smartphone syncing and more. Some of the best drone brands for mini-drones even can’t parallel the state of the art models like Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider. Bebop has amazing features like HD camera, built-in GPS range extenders, smartphone controller, joysticks, pads and numerous other add ones enhancing its function

Walkera :


Another one of the best drone brands 2015 is the China-based manufacturer of micro aerial vehicles, radio controllers, gimbals, RC models and FPV products such as the FPV glasses being added soon to their lineup of products. It offers many great models like Walkera QR X350PRO, QR X800, TALI H500, Voyager 3 and Scout X4.

Splash Drone:


It’s undoubtedly top among the best drone companies for introducing the amphibian nature that is making those drones waterproof, with their drones being to land on both land and float on water without sinking in, this all leads to even more possibilities in recording footage close to water, where normally a simple mistake can lead to a huge price to pay but with the case of splash drones, this eases the worry and lets pilot concentrate on the flying. For advanced pilots, the Splash Drone RTF version comes with a manual mode for a traditional controller setup. Novices can get the Splash Drone Auto version to pilot the drone directly from their android device.

3D Robotics:


One of the best drone brands based in the US as well, that offer high-quality aerial drones from IRIS+, to the new Solo which can be upgraded for professional video recording. 3D Robotics also offers Pixhawk, an autopilot system, which allows for users to set flight behaviors and flight paths. It should be noted that that certain older models are no longer in production apart from the SOLO



The best mainstream option for recording purposes as it’s one of the best drone supported brand for action cameras. Which is one of the few supported 3rd party cameras by drone companies, whereas of recently, a popular trend is seen by companies using their own cameras.

Lockheed Martin:


The best drone company for state of the art military equipment. Lockheed Marin also makes other military drones, including the K-MAX, which is an unmanned cargo helicopter and even anti-drone equipment’s to take down other drones, their laser weapon system being an example. As the military requires more drones for more missions, Lockheed Martin will fill the void, putting it on top of the latest in drone technology.

Northrop Grumman:


Another one of the best drone companies for defense , the creator of Global Hawk, an unmanned aerial drone that can track enemy activity at an altitude of more than 60,000 feet and gave it to the US military after the 9/11 attacks. The company continues to provide drones to the military for a variety of other roles.



Another top drone brand for military purpose and more known for its commercial air travel, has ongoing flow of intelligence and communications, which can be of value in both military and commercial ventures. The company is also developing a series of other drones that are showing promise. The level of its expertise can be observed from how the company’s Phantom Eye can match the Titan drone in altitude at 65,000 feet, though it can only stay airborne for four days but still plenty more compared to 15-20 minutes on consumer drones.



The best drone brand in terms of chipsets and software that record and transmit ultra-high definition videos. With products being designed to use in small wearable devices to all the way to security cameras. Its chips incorporate UHD videos and images, as well as audio in a single component.



Skycatch provides small drones that are used by clients to capture data for property owners enabling them to keep track of large areas. The drones fly over the property, then use sensors to collect information and return the information to ground operators through the use of their application which can even capture 3D models which can be of great use in analyzing the area. The company started two years ago by selling drones to commercial clients like construction and energy firms, including Chevron and Komatsu.Above all, when selecting the best drone company for your drone, it’s important that the drone itself is easy to use, especially for beginners, as it’s important to learn easily on how to not crash the drone first, as beginners eventually will crash it many times thus making it important for the drone to be tough . On the other hand, it is more important in having support for complex functions such as programmable features, for turning it into an actual autonomous device.

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