My Love-Hate Relationship with FPV Goggles


Ever since I have flown with goggles, it is difficult to go back to line of sight flying or even through a monitor. Today I will share my views on why I have a love-hate relationship with my goggles.

Flying with Fatshark FPV Goggles:

Flying with Fatshark FPV goggles is my personal favorite. When I race my quadcopter through trees and soccer goals, I love the feeling of being “in the cockpit”, like if I am commanding battle airship. It allows me to concentrate when I fly because it blocks out light around me and distractions.

When I put on these goggles, I always need to adjust my eyes to the field of view on the lens. Normally about 20 seconds into flying, I start to feel immersed with the quadcopter. The black frame around the corners slowly become unnoticeable and proximity to how close objects starts to feel more sensible.


This is one of the key reasons why many FPV racers choose goggles over monitor. Furthermore, It is very portable to carry around in its nice hard case without worrying about being damaged during transportation.


The only few downsides with wearing goggles are having to deal with eyecups. I always have to take about 10 seconds to adjust the eyecups when I wear them. The eyecups tend to move my eyebrows and eyelids around which is really annoying. Another downside to these is the fact that they fog up! Your warm face and the cold air meets together create fog on the lens.

New Product of Fatsharks:

Fatsharks currently released a new product called, “Fatshark Faceplate for DOM 2/3” which eliminates the two downsides; foggy lens and eyecups. I, however, have the Fatsharks Attitude V2’s in which they do not sell the faceplate for. Although many users have said that the Faceplate will also fit the Attitude V2 except that it will hold in place. I have seen many people use screws, double sided tape, Velcro, and 3D printed parts to fix this problem. I have just purchased the faceplate through! There will be a review of the product once it arrives!

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