DJI OSMO + Samsung Galaxy S7 = A match made in heaven


DJI Osmo Mobile extension turns your smartphone into an intelligent motion camera. DJI Osmo was launched on 1st September 2016. With the help of this gadget, you can use your smartphone to click high-quality pictures and shoot good quality videos. The DJI Osmo Mobile has a number of features, the foremost one being three-axis stabilization.

This stabilization technology enhances the precision down to 0.03 degrees of accuracy. The mobile is compatible with some latest smartphones in the market like, iPhone5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S etc. can easily accommodate any iOS or Android smartphone with a width between 2.3 and 3.35 inches.

Mobile is a perfect tool to be used with Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 5.7-inch display. The Osmo mount conveniently controls the camera of your phone. Several buttons are mounted around the grip giving you access to the most crucial functions. Surprisingly the gimbal and the phone communicate solely with the help of Bluetooth. There is no need of lighting connector or type c USB or male micro USB for the purpose.


It can be fully charged via 1 amp power source. Along with the gimbal and the phone mount, the DJI Osmo mobile features customises physical controls of your phone and thus manipulates it. Your Samsung Galaxy S7 can now function as a powerhouse of many features.

When used with the DJI GO app, your Samsung Galaxy S7 can convert into a multi-purpose and high-quality camera. The app abounds in essential features like active track technology. This allows you to highlight any area of your choice on the screen.

After this, you can use your DJI Osmo mobile to focus on that particular area, even while the camera is moving. This technically means that you don't have to rotate the camera yourself when shooting any moving subject.



Samsung Galaxy S7's has a perfect screen size of 5.6 inches. The screen is quite bright and does not reflect back sunlight when shooting outdoors. The color of the screen is very much suitable for clicking photos or shooting in sunlight. There is a wide color gamut for clicking an appropriate snap. These features make shooting with Osmo model better since the Galaxy phone will always be used as a monitor.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a pretty high light capability when compared to other models. The model has a larger aperture lens which means that the lens gets in more light and clicks an image with less noise. Due to this reason, the videos or pictures taken with this mobile phone and Osmos mobile should look much cleaner than any other Samsung model.


Shooting a 4k video shall not pose much of a problem on Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone has a very high memory (up to 256 GB). This is as good as the memory of iPhone 7. Also, people use third party apps which allow you to record at higher bit rates. No wonder, these apps also consume a decent amount of phone's memory, thus making it hard to record a video for more than a few minutes. Such a thing can pose no problem in this phone as the memory of the model is abundant.


DJI Osmo mobile has a perfect battery life ie. around 4.5 hours but Samsung Galaxy S7 is no less. It has a 22-hour battery life. Thus, you won't have to plug in your charger to the phone while shooting a video.


You might be well aware of the fact that Samsung Galaxy S7 has two cameras. One camera has telephoto lens while the other one has wide angle lens. Samsung does not really mention it but the 2x optical zoom function can be used in the video shot with this model. This means that with Osmo mobile and this Galaxy smartphone, you can take cinematic shots.

DJI Osmo mobile is well-suited for this Galaxy device. It is easy to use in low-light environments. Overall, the combination of DJI Osmo and Samsung Galaxy s7 is a very convenient and approachable package.

DJI Osmo Mobile extension is apt for your Samsung Galaxy S7 because it creates super smooth and a wide-angle stitched image. The fast processor and great screen of the Galaxy s7 work well with any of the DJI products and especially with the DJI Osmo mobile.

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