Here Is Why Your DJI Drones Are Worth It


DJI Care is an extensive service plan that covers the damage to your aircraft, camera and gimbal that may be sustained during the normal use. If your quadcopter gets damaged due to any accident or normal use, all the repair costs will be borne by DJI if the model falls in the DJI Care period.

This move of launching DJI Care was a very welcome move made by DJI. Launched in February 2016, many drone pilots were able to breathe at ease with the launch of this new facility. The DJI Care service will not only protect the investment of the pilots but will also offer them peace of mind. The highlights of DJI Care are the VIP effective and prioritized repairs and replacement of severely damaged quadcopter.


When you purchase DJI Care, you will basically receive a coverage amount which would be equal to the market price of your drone. This amount can be utilized towards repairs within the validity period. There is also no limit to the number of times your quadcopter could be repaired. The only condition is that the coverage amount should not be exceeded. Your aircraft will always be repaired free of charge as long as the aircraft conditions and the repair costs satisfy DJI Care requirements.

In case your drone is completely damaged within 30 days on a 6-month plan, you would either be given 80% of your purchase price or remaining coverage amount, whichever is lesser. For a 1-year plan, if only 60 or fewer days are left, you will either get 60% of the purchase price or remaining coverage amount, whichever is lesser.

This damage insurance plan is available for either six months or one year. The deal does not extend to your controller and battery. The prices of the insurance range from $99 to $699. This entirely depends on the length of time and the model. The insurance fairly covers all the squeezing, dropping, crashing etc. which are caused either by accident or by operator error. The protection extends only to new and un-activated quadcopters or to those that have been activated for less than two days.

What models are covered ?

At present, DJI has extended this protection plan to only some of its models. New models like Phantom 3,4 Series have all been covered under this protection plan. Owners of older models like Phantom 2 Series and Phantom 1 Series are not yet covered under the plan. Also, the plan is limited to only a few countries. DJI Care has been extended to the users across parts of Europe, the US and mainland China. DJI plans to increase the presence and relevance of its Care Plan to other countries in the future.

The launch of DJI Care has been a very smart and needed move in the drone market. This plan ensures some peace of mind and a worry-free flight and experience to the pilots.

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