Quick Look At The Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone


Some of the most professional quadcopters are DJI Phantom 3 Professional, YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon, 3D Robotics Iris, Parrot AR Drone 2.0, DJI Inspire 1 Pro, 3D Robotics Solo,SYMA X 5C-1, Blade Chroma with 4k camera, AUTEL Robotics X Star Premium Drone etc. All these drones come with removable cameras and gimbal. Among all these, Autel premium quadcopters have gained a much wider share in the market in a relatively short period of time.

This product has been very highly rated by the customers. For reference, you can check Amazon. At $900, the product is very reasonably priced for the plethora of features it offers. The model is available in two colors - Red and White. It is a easy to fly quadcopter with very high quality aerial imagery. It is a very elegant and sophisticated model with a sleek and shiny exterior and case. Intelligent flight control system and autopilot functions power the model.

In Detail about Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone:

Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone has a very powerful 4K HD video camera with quick release 3 axis gimbal stabiliser. Both, the camera and the gimbal are removable for replacement or future upgrade. The model offers a 1.2 mile HD Live view and a 12 MP clarity which is pretty high for drone cameras.. The picture quality is breath-taking with stunning clarity and vivid colors. The world-class picture quality this drone camera offers, makes it one of the most widely preferred model. Opt for this if you are a big fan of crystal clear images. One thing that was common among all the reviews of this product, was the enchanting pictures and videos this model produced. The customers have experienced great joy and comfort with this model.

Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone

Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone has a classy remote controller. Function keys help with a hassle free and neat picture. Command sticks provide confidence for agile manoeuvres with maximum grip. A perfect LCD screen is provided to have a clear view of the people or items to be photographed or video graphed. You can also connect your smartphone or tablet to the drone.

It comes with a dual GPS/GLONASS outdoor navigator. It also has precision positioning via dual satellite navigation and Starpoint Positioning System. Autel Robotics has built in smart flight features like Orbit, Waypoints or Follow which give you supreme control over the camera. You can also enable beginner mode to create a geo-fence that limits your aircraft speed and range. You can also simply use the Star Link app to configure your drone's flight settings. The app also allows you to configure camera settings.

It is one super convenient device which you can easily start, hover, land or have automatically to return home by using single touch buttons on your remote controller. Drone flying could never get easier.


Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone PROS:

  • Other drones may become erratic when there is a magnetic interference but Autel Premium is equipped with exclusive SecureFly technology which prevents your drone from drifting away.
  • The Premium drone has twice the HD live view range when compared to X Star.
  • It comes with a 64 GB card.
  • Learning to fly this model is super easy.
  • It has an intelligent battery, a one hour fast charger.
  • The model comes with spare propellor and small parts.
  • One touch action buttons make this device super easy-to-use.
  • It can create breathtaking videos which you can cherish for a life time.

Autel Robotics X Star Premium Drone CONS:

  • It has no on board collision avoidance.
  • It is pretty costly and may not suit the budget of many,
  • You may have to get the batteries changed sooner as they are short lived.
  • Compass can be a tricky affair for people who are not very good with technology.


Flying a drone can be a ridiculously fun experience but it is not easy to master the skill. It requires a lot of patience to be adept at flying the machine. As one invests hundred of dollars, one must also be careful in using this equipment. With Autel Robotics, you are provided with 7-day customer support. The US based team stays in touch with you to provide you assistance for a wide range of topics, ranging from how to start the drone camera to troubleshooting. If, in case you are not satisfied with the product (which is a rarity), you will be definitely satisfied with their customer service.

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