Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze: Its Coolest Features and Overall Performance

Yuneec is a Chinese International Aircraft manufacturing company. They manufacture both man-carrying air crafts and unmanned aerial vehicles. An electric powered paraglider was the first vehicle that they ever manufactured. From the paraglider till their recent launch of Yuneec Breeze everything has been a successful venture for the company. Talking about Yuneec, you cannot ignore the idea of Breeze. This drone is their latest launch, and it has been creating a buzz among the drone lovers. The drone is designed in such a way that it has become an alternative to most of its competitors.

Yuneec Breeze


  • The first feature that will entice you is the 4K resolution camera that comes along with this aerial vehicle.
  • It is probably the drone that can give the effect of the tallest selfie stick ever, because now with Breeze you can capture yourself and take selfies the way you want them to be
  • The next coolest feature of the drone is its pilot mode. When you feel like you are not prepared to control anything, but still have your drone up in the air, then switch it to pilot mode and take some rest.
  • Orbit Mode is the next advanced feature that is available in this drone. Fix your target. The target can be you or any other specific location. The drone keeps orbiting the location until you ask it to stop.
  • Journey mode is a feature in which the drone is going to stay away from you for a while. It slowly travels to a nearby place and gets back to you. But the best part is that all through the journey it keeps an eye on you through its viewfinder.
  • The drone is ultra-light and compact. It is best suited for flying, and you can drop them in anywhere on the go. They are not going to take much of your space.
  • It has GPS positioning system. So there is no way you are losing the drone.
  • PROS:

  • The above-listed features for itself speak about how advantageous this little drone is. There are a lot of modes, and you can stay convenient and handle the drone the way you want to.
  • It is simply equal to a pet that is electronically alive. It can follow you, capture you, locate you, travel a little distance and get back to you. Standing to your orders, it can simply keep you happy all the time.
  • The best part of this drone is the selfie feature in the best possible resolution. One feature that can keep the users happy and content.
  • CONS:

  • Though all is good about this little bot, there are certain disappointments too. There were quite a number of users who were seeking redressal with regard to dead batteries and poor overall performance.
  • Individually the features are great. But when they are put together as a package there seems to be quite a mess. If this issue is taken care of, then probably Yuneec Breeze is going to be the best drone ever in the market.
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