Who Invented Quadcopter?

The quadcopter, a device which is quite popular these days is a multi-rotor helicopter that gets lifted with the help or four rotors which help the propellers to propel and give the quadcopter a flight. The device has two sets of identical propellers. One pair to spin in the clockwise direction and the other pair rotates in the anticlockwise direction. This quadcopter is popularly known as drones and is used by individuals for many purposes. Some drones are used to take aerial photos and underwater photos while others get used for drone racing, fishing, commercial use, etc.

Early attempts:

Louis Breguet

Some of the first attempts in designing a quadcopter started way back in the year 1907 by Louis Breguet. He managed to lift the device few feet above the ground, but not much information is known about the instrument. Later people like Etienne Oehmichen experimented with four rotors and eight propellers. In the year 1922, Dr. George de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome designed a small aircraft with six bladed rotors in an X-shaped structure. In 1958, Curtiss-Wright developed a VZ-7 which got controlled by altering the thrust of the four propellers.

Recent Developments:

With the development of technology, the parts needed to design the quadcopter became much easier, and the drone became much lighter for the flight. Many researchers done recently have given insights into the development of drones. Some of them are the Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor which combines the concept of the fixed quadcopter and C-13 military transport; there were hardware and software projects based on Arduino. The Parrot AR. The drone got controlled by radio, and a camera got fixed in the device. Some of the other Kickstarter projects which had cameras attached in their drones were Zano drone and Lilly camera. Unfortunately, these projects did not have much success.

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