What You Should Know About Drone Registration


Drones are certainly one of the most inevitable super cool machines in today’s society; we all acknowledge the capability of these sophisticated tools and the usefulness we benefit ourselves from. Drones are of mainly three types and each one of them serves different purposes.

  1. The military drones are exclusively used for missions, combatting war and also can be used for security surveillances.
  2. The commercial drones are used for delivering products to different suppliers and consumers.The job is done within a very little time, unlike the deliverymen who have to go through several hurdles before the product is delivered.
  3. Last but not the least there are recreational drones, less powerful than the other types of drone yet serves the purpose of entertainment.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transport (DOT) have formed a task force to direct and suggest everyone to register their respective drones. There are solid reasons as to why the FAA and DOT have taken such a strict initiative. There are a number of mishaps a drone may cause; they cause disruptions in airports, major sporting programs and several other distractions. The main agenda for drone registration is identifying the authentic owner through unique registration number. As winter is fast approaching and the shoppers eagerly wait for this time of the year, many drones manufacturers and sellers worryas they may witness a downfall of sales because of the incorporations of such strict laws and regulations.

The statement from FAA and DOT is still vague, as they did not mention which types of drone should undergo the registration process. The registration itself is expected to commence fromthe first week of December. Nevertheless, drone owners do not need to be worried about anything. Cooperating with the government’s decision is always the safe idea. This decision will surely usher in a new era of prosperous drones and happy drone users.

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