RC Warbirds

Top 5 RC Warbirds of all Time

RC Warbirds are remodeled and replicas of the vintage military war aircraft. These reproductions get used by civilian organizations, historic military forces and even individuals use these remodeled. During airshows, these remodeled warbirds have a great attraction.

The restoration process includes structural repairs, maintenance, painting the interior and the exterior, rebuilding the control head and the radios and weaponry used in the warbirds get replaced with non-operating replicas. The non-operating model gives a great renovated look. Painting is also done to give the final touch. Parachutes, ejection seats, and ejection seat cartridges get maintained and fixed.

RC Warbirds

There have been many legendary warbirds which were used by military soldiers in the past. If you are a person who loves planes, then you will understand the thrill of going outside and hearing those propellers tearing open the air and flying in the sky. It is just brilliant how these warbirds get designed. In this post you will read about the top 5 RC Warbirds of all time:

  • FMS 109 Messerschmitt V2.
  • Volantex R/C Mustang P51D.
  • FMS P-40B Flying Tiger.
  • FMS Stuka Ju-87.
  • FMS F4U Corsair V2.

This Warbird is one of the biggest foam model planes manufactured in China. The Warbird is an FMS model, and it is quite famous all across the globe and has an excellent quality. The FMS Warbird is not for beginner pilots but for intermediate to expert level skilled pilots. The FMS Warbird has a wing span of about 750mm/29.5”. The plane has a durable EPO foam and a fuel tank which you can detach. The landing gear of the Warbird is made out of steel. The FMS 109 Messerschmitt V2 is the second version of the RC Warbird. The plane was upgraded by setting up new wings and improving its fuel usage design.

The Volantex R/C is a favorite manufacturer, and they produce some of the best Warbirds in the world. Some of the best durable and lightweight EPO is used as the construction material. The Mustang P51D comes with a LiPo battery pack and a charger which works with any Lithium Ion battery. There is a 2.4 GHz transmitter control. The Volantex R/C Mustang P51D also has a wing span of 750mm/29.5”.

The FMS model has again made it to the top ratings, and you can understand how good their quality and design are. The P-40B Flying Tiger has a wing span of about 980mm/38.6”. The Warbird has very powerful motors and can reach high speeds. The FMS P-40B Flying Tiger is designed for skilled pilots.

The Stuka Ju-87 has one of the best wing spans; it has about 1400mm/55.2” and also has a robust electronic system. This model is a ground attacker aircraft and used in Germany during the world war two.

The F4U Corsair has a wing span of about 800mm/31.5”. This Warbird is designed in the model of Vought F4U Corsair.

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