Thunder Tiger Robotix

Thunder Tiger Robotix

Thunder Tiger Robotix is a Taiwan company that manufactures RC cars, helicopters, drones, and robots. The Thunder Tiger Robotix produces hobby recreational products. The Thunder Tiger established a marketing center in Germany for Europe in 2004.



A remotely controlled submarine is fun-enough, but what if you can also film its underwater scenes? thanks to the Seawolf submarine by Thunder Tiger Robotix. It comes with a frame for GoPro Hero3 or Hero 4 video camera. The company launched it in an IT trade show in Taipei.

ttr seawolf

The submarine comes in two types: one for sea water and the other for fresh water. The fresh water submarine uses FM radio frequency, which doesn't work in dense sea water. The submarine can reach the speed up to 2.6 miles per hour. The duration of the battery is about 50 minutes. The device works similarly to an airborne drone camera, but in an aquatic atmosphere. It measures 772 mm in length and 8kg in weight.

Rhino 6×6:

Rhino 6×6 is a payload device used for specific missions. It can be adjusted effortlessly. It has a 4×4 wheeled traction and a 7" RHION or turf tire. The Rhino 6×6 can adapt itself to both land and water. It has an user-friendly program editing for autonomous operations and specific missions. It also has a 1080 pixel high-resolution camera.


  • Length: 838mm
  • width: 433mm
  • height: 517mm
  • base weight: 50kg
  • maximum payload:100kg
  • footprint: 841×433mm
  • maximum speed: 20km/h


Thunderhawk is a new generation agricultural autopilot helicopter, with a coaxial dual rotor spanning a diameter of 1.82 meters, and a tailless design to increase overall stability and safe handling. With a loading capacity of 15 kg, It has a highly efficient coaxial pitch control structural design. It also has the dual electric brushless motor power input design. It features a specially designed foldable main rotor. the precision spray system for pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides makes it an amazing RC helicopter for agricultural purpose.


The double spiral coaxial configuration design is provided for heavy duty distribution of pesticides and fertilizers for crops. it's tailless design considerably increases the stability and safety of the handling. It has a flawless security system. Dual power input equipped with extensive safety structures. In case of low battery, the automatic return function is turned on and the device returns safely.


Robohero is a perfect Robot companion launched by the Thunder Tiger Robotix. the height of the robot hero is 25 cm which is well fitted on house surroundings like desks, tables. It is perfect to play with your pets and toddlers. It uses innovative reconfiguration and simple accessory additions. the Robohero can be controlled by a smart app. The smart application allows you to easily create fancy and custom motions.



  • Main controller: RoboHero version3.0
  • Dimension: H230×W80×D115(mm)
  • weight: 500g
  • Remote control: ESP-Wroom-02 WiFi

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