DJI Phantom 5

What we would Like to See in DJI Phantom 5

The DJI Phantom is one of the most awaited drones. All the drone lovers are quite excited about what features will the new DJI Phantom will have. The previous versions of the DJI Phantom series were commendable, and fans are hoping that the DJI Phantom 5 will also have an excellent set of features. Most of us would have already dreamt of the unique features the drone should have, and the following are some of the features on my list.

  • Dual Micro SD Card.
  • Backward compatible batteries.
  • Better landing gear and waterproof.
  • Image sensor size.
  • Panorama Photo mode.
  • Voice controlled flight.
DJI Phantom 5

Dual Micro SD Card:

A second memory card slot must be created for an additional memory card which can act as a backup memory card. In case something happens to the first card then the backup memory card in the second slot can be used. If the drone can toggle over this card automatically, then it would be excellent because when the drone is in flight, it would be impossible to toggle the card manually.

Backward compatible batteries:

The backward compatible batteries can get added in the drone, the standardization of the batteries is an outstanding feature. Being able to use the battery, again and again, is a great feature because you do not have to invest in buying a battery each time the battery gets exhausted.

The controller of DJI Phantom 4 was not entirely compatible with Mavic, so the controller of the newer series can get designed in a better way which is compactable with Mavic.

Better landing gear and waterproof:

Landing gears are an essential part of the drone. You need to have a right landing gear to land your drone safely. Otherwise, there are chances of getting you drone to crash land. One of the least favorite features in the DJI Phantom 4 was the landing gears. So we are hoping to have a better landing gear in the DJI Phantom 5 drone. Another feature we expect in all the drones is the waterproof feature. If your drone accidentally falls into the water, then it would be great if the drone is waterproof. For those interested in underwater photography, the waterproof feature is beneficial.

Image sensor size:

Greater image sensor size and low light photo capability and sharpness are expected in the camera of the DJI Phantom 5 drones. Color accuracy and dynamic range are also some of the features planned for the DJI Phantom 5’s camera.

Panorama Photo mode:

Including the panorama feature in the camera while capturing vertical pictures is a cool feature which the aerial photographers would enjoy. The function is similar to the one that iPhones have.

Voice controlled fl​​​​ight:

The Voice controlled flight is a characteristic which seems to be impossible at the moment. But if we think about it, the controlling will get much easier when we give small commands to the drone. Having a headset and controlling the drone via Bluetooth is incredible.

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