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Where to Buy Quadcopter Parts

Assembling your quadcopter can be quite hard when you do it for the very first time. You might be very excited about getting your new drone but have difficulties in what part to get and how to fix them together. This post will guide you on what parts you need to buy for your drone and from where you can get these parts.

The following are the parts you will need:

  • Frames.
  • Motor.
  • Flight controller Board.
  • Radio transmitter and receiver.
  • Battery and a charger.
quadcopter parts


Frames are required to hold all the other parts of the drone. The factors you need to consider is the size, weight and the shape of the frame. Make sure that the frame has a clean and easy build.


You must get the motor based on the weight your drone has to lift. The better the motor, the better will be the spin of the propellers and the flight of the drone.

Flight controller board:

The flight controller board determines the flight of the drone.

Radio transmitter and receiver:

To control the drone from a far distance, you need a remote controller which has a radio transmitter to give signals to your drone.

Battery and charger:

Batteries are one of the most important parts of the drone. Make sure you get a battery with a higher battery life.

Online sites to get the parts of the drone:

  • Hobbyking: The site Hobbyking is known for selling high-quality drone parts used by professional drone makers. The parts get sold at a lower price.
  • Banggoog: This site offers you the drone parts at a lower price, and they also have free shipping.
  • Readymaderc: The Readymaderc is a good place for getting motors.
  • Eachine: If you are looking for good cameras to fit in your drone then Eachine provides you with plenty of cameras.
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