Amazon Drone Delivery Service


Amazon drone delivery services to the customers has announced by CEO Jeff Bezos back in the mid 2013. This made many people think that he is crazy.

On Wednesday, the CEO announced that his company made its first known commercial delivery on 7th December 2016. The package delivered to an Amazon shopper based in Cambridgeshire, England. The package included an Amazon Fire media streaming device and popcorn. This particular package was to be delivered within approximately 2 miles of distance. The flight of the carrying drone took for about 13 minutes.

As a result, this test delivery was successful. Amazon now says that it will use the same test with two customers near Cambridge. If the tests are successful, Amazon would focus on expanding the number of willing customers who could participate in this trial. This will slowly expand the base to more than hundred customers who could use Amazon Prime Air services. Amazon’s latest drone test in Britain has been successful as the country’s regulators have been more cooperative than American counterparts.


Drone Delivery Service - Britain:

In Britain, Amazon has allowed to fly the drones without a human controller or pilot. The navigation was solely entrusted to the GPS. Amazon says that it has developed ‘sense and avoid’ technology to help the machine detect hurdles. In the US, regulators have been more reserved about the drone tests.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued regarding commercial use of drones this year and hence, one of the biggest hurdles which came in the way of Amazon was the need of a human pilot to control the drone.

Amazon focuses on being the world’s most best online retailer. The use of drone in package delivery is a big milestone which will help Amazon to automate its distribution channel up to a great extent. Even if drone deliveries can occupy a certain portion of distribution channel, the result could be far reaching. The company may not need as many truck drivers or delivery boys. Drones will also reduce the company’s dependency on vehicles. Customers may also be able to receive their orders as soon as possible.

Despite the great scope, there are a few reasons to be doubtful. There are a number of aircraft rules, weight restrictions, weather restrictions etc. which the company needs to bear in mind. Experts suggest that the global use of drone deliveries would take years to become a solid reality. Apart from the known issues, there is also a great possibility of problems which may arise in future like certain country or states can block the drone delivery plans of the company.

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