What Is Tiny Whoop ?


Little things are awesome! The Tiny whoop drone is small, can run for over 10 minutes and is so much fun to fly. What I like most about it is that it can bump into things without crashing. It just bounces off like a ball. Because of its size and light weight, you can fly it around your house and be rest assured that you won’t destroy anything or cause harm to anyone.

Invented by a group of racers called Team Big Whoop, the tiny whoop drone started out as a blade inductrix and is actually just a modification of it. The Inductrix FPV BNF is a micro quadcopter which comes with a casing and variety of bodies. It is the perfect micro quadcopter for building a tiny whoop drone because it flies really well, because of its blades. The basic additions to the blade Inductrix FPV BNF to achieve a tiny whoop drone are a video transmitter and an FPV camera.


A Tiny whoop drone can be used outdoor and within the home. There are many things you can do with it, but fun and security purposes are the basic applications.

For fun:

  • You can use it to chase your pet around the house or out in the field
  • A simple cruising around the house
  • It is an exciting way to chase people
  • Can be very useful when you want to disturb someone
  • Use it to spy on your friends.

For security:

  • For surveillance around the compound
  • From the comfort of your bed, you can use it to check who is at the door before deciding to answer or not
  • You can use it to search for missing items around the house from a convenient spot.
  • With all these benefits, you surely want at least one of these insane flying machines for yourself.
  • The good news is you don’t need to be an Engineer to build a tiny whoop drone. It is very easy to make thanks to its simple architecture.

Building a Tiny Whoop Drone:

  • These are the items required to build a tiny whoop drone
  • A blade Inductrix FPV BNF (Ready to Fly or Bind and Fly Version)
  • A spectrum transmitter
  • An FX787 FPV camera and video transmitter combo
  • A lot of batteries 1S (150 to 205mAh)
  • Upgrade motors (optional)

There is an in-built receiver in the blade Inductrix FPV BNF, which supports spectrum transmitter only. I recommend you buy the RTF version as it comes with a TX.The use of upgrade motors in building tiny whoop is optional but I recommend it because they aid in handling the extra weight of the FPV setup with the increased power they supply.

Building Procedure of the Tiny Whoop Drone:

Step one:

Get the blade Inductrix FPV BNF and remove the plastic cover to expose the circuit board. Do not touch the thin red wire, that’s the radio antenna and it can be damaged easily.

Step two:

Get the FX787 FPV camera and video transmitter combo and carefully take off the protective plastic. This will give allowance for the rubber band to keep it securely in place on the Inductrix FPV BNF main board.

Step three:

This should be the only stage that’s going to be a bit challenging. Don’t panic though; we are just going to upgrade the motors.Study the upgrade motors, you’ll notice that the wire color coding is different from that of the stock motors. It is blue and red for clockwise direction but black and white for anticlockwise direction.There is only one way to know the right direction of the quadcopter which is by looking carefully at the inductrix main board to notice an arrow showing you the front direction.

Disconnect the plug, and then use pliers to slowly remove the motor by carefully pushing it upwards without spoiling it.Roll the wire you have left with the motors and be sure to use insulating tape to enclose the motors for them to firmly stay in place. You can easily plug the motor in the proper connector sockets since they’re just next to the main board.

Step four:

The battery source will feed the pads that power up Inductrix FPV BNF and the FPV gear, and you are going to solder the wires to the top end of the circuit board.Measure the power wires to ensure that they can reach the pads.After you confirm the length you can now solder.

Match the red wire from the FPV combo to the pad where a white wire connected under it.The black wire should be matched to the pad where a black wire is soldered from beneath.

Congratulations!You just made your own tiny whoop drone.


  • Set up a new model
  • Start by turning off the internal RF, and then switch external to PPM, CH-12 AND 30.5
  • Set up channels
  • Auto and Self-level are the only modes on Inductrix FPV BNF and a momentary switch that must be CH-6 will trigger them.
  • For the quadcopter to have proper reaction to sticks, reverse channels 2 and 4.


  • To bind the taranis to tiny whoop, use the OrangeRX module.
  • Quickly press the bind button three times in a row to switch the OrangeRX module to binding mode.
  • Turn off the taranis switch and turn on the quadcopter
  • Press down the bind button on the OrangeRX module and power on the taranis, do this simultaneously.

You should see the LED light on the tiny whoop turning color blue, and also hear beeps indicating that you successfully carried out the binding.


Tiny Whoop drones use 1S 150 to 205mah LiPo batteries, and they are able to fly for one or two minutes.

If you want to enjoy lengthy flight time just get many of them, around twelve to fifteen or so.


Building a Tiny Whoop drone will not create a deep hole on your pocket; That’s nothing compared to the immense fun the tiny whoop gives, so go ahead and build one!

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