quadcopter batteries

How to Take Care of your Quadcopter Batteries?

Batteries are one of the most important things to consider while flying a drone. The better the power of the battery the better will be the flight time. You can lose your drone if you run out of battery while flying it over the water. Even if you are flying it over the land, there are chances for the drones to hit the ground hard and get broken. So making sure that the batteries in your drones are proper and has a good battery life is a must. The commonly used batteries in drones are the lithium Polymer cell. The lithium polymer batteries are very light and are best suited for drones to take flight.

quadcopter batteries

The following are some of the things to keep in mind to take care of your battery:

  • Temperature.
  • Unattended charger.
  • Storage.
  • Heat and Voltage.
  • Disposal.


Checking the temperature of a battery is very important. The batteries which are stored at zero degree centigrade or below that must never be charged as you can have a risk of explosion at these cold temperatures. Batteries can get kept at a cold temperature, but before charging the battery, you need to make sure that they come back to the room temperature. At the same time if the battery gets excessively heated then stop charging the battery.

Unattended charger:

You must never leave a charger unattended. Even if you are sure that nothing can go wrong with the batteries, even then never exit the charger unattended. The charger can go faulty at any anytime and cause a fire. There are many cases and videos you can watch online where the batteries have resulted in a fire while charging. So never leave a charger unattended.


The lithium batteries must get stored at a temperature which ranges between five degrees to twenty-seven-degree centigrade. It is safe and advisable to store batteries at a cooler temperature. The lower the temperature, the better the storage. The optimum voltage for long time storage is about 3.8 to 3.85 Volts. It is advisable to charge your batters after using them. But if you happen to have a fully charged pack at the end of the day then it is advised to store the batteries at room temperature.

To be on the safer side, you try to use and exhaust all the battery life at the end of a day and charge it for tomorrows use.

Heat and Voltage:

If your batteries get heated above 60-degree centigrade either during discharge or Charging, there are chances where the metallic lithium can damage the cells and cause puffing.

The maximum voltage for a single cell is about 4.235Volts.


Once you have used your batteries fully and felt that it can no longer be of any use to you, then you can plan to dispose of the batteries. The lithium batteries are environmentally friendly, but for safety reason, it is good if you fully discharge the battery before you dispose of it. If your battery is damaged, then you removing the battery is not advised.

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