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How to Mount XiaoMi Yi On A 2-axis Goodluckbuy Gimbal


When I purchased the Xiaomi Yi action camera for my Phantom 2 equipped with the infamous Goodluckbuy 50 USD 2-axis gimbal, I expected it to work flawlessly. I have previously owned a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and this gimbal worked beautifully for it. When I tried it with the XiaoMi Yi camera, I encountered a few problems; I bet that's why you are reading this as well. I will be sharing with you how I solved it.

The Crafty Method:

At first, I thought that the GoPro lens is exactly the same as the XiaoMi Yi. I was wrong when I tried to install it; the XiaoMi Yi lens is larger than the GoPro. In addition, the XiaoMi camera has a smooth arc near its lens base which makes the circumference even bigger. This causes two problems. Firstly, the GoPro strap barely fits through the XiaoMi lens. You will need to sand the hole until it's bigger than the XiaoMi’s lens arc. It is very important to have the hole fit through the lens all the way because you must have a strong grip on the camera. If you do not do this, it will create the “jello effect” in your videos and causes small vibration seizures to your gimbal.

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Another problem that I have encountered is, the width of the XiaoMi camera is covering the gimbal’s strap cut out, not by much. On the gimbal, there are two cut outs for the strap to slide through. Once you strapped the XiaoMi Yi you will notice that the camera is slightly sitting on the on the strap itself due to the small platform. You can easily wiggle the camera a little bit, this will also cause vibrations to your video. I managed to fix this by adding double sided tape on the bottom of the XiaoMi camera to offset the imbalance height. This, however, will limit the amount of roll your gimbal can tilt before the edge of the camera touches the top plate of the gimbal.

I personally believe this is the simplest way to solve these problems. I, however, accidently discovered even more, effective and clean looking method.

The Most Effective Method:

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Underneath the XiaoMi Yi, you will notice a tripod mount. I took advantage of this by using a tripod screw and a nut to hold the gimbal platform and the XiaoMi very securely. I then decided to add more support to act like a clamp, so I used a piece of scrap carbon plate from my old ZMR250 frame for this. This really made the gimbal less DIY looking. I immediately notice no vibration and jello effect whatsoever in my video. For safety, I would highly recommend usingLoc-Tight for the screw as over time the screw may not be as secure and possibly fall off midflight. If you are extra paranoid, use a rubber band as well. You can purchase the tripod screw here:



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