Top 7 Drone Simulators which will Make you a Better Pilot


A drone simulator is a superb choice when you are considering investing thousands of dollars in a brand new UAV quadcopter. There are plenty of options available in the market. However, our motive is to provide you with the details of different simulation packages.


This package offers the most amazing software. Recently, Dronesimpro even announced that they will be offering customised solution to the customers in order to create specific scenarios and drones for their drone simulator. Their ability to create an environment specific to the needs of the pilot can be a game changer in the market. At present, it exhibits the following features:

  • Realistic Sim and Game scenarios.
  • Accurate flight models.
  • Accurate physics.
  • Realistic lighting conditions.
  • Open field flight, obstacle courses and house fires.


This drone simulator is one of the most powerful and detailed simulator in the market. It is available with Interlink Elite Controller which will prevent you from complicated setups. This simulator is easy to use and allows you to do almost everything which you can possibly expect from quadcopter simulators.

  • Manoeuvring skills.
  • Learn camera gimbal operations.
  • Explore FPV flight.
  • Practice in different conditions.
  • Learn camera skills.


This is a comparatively realistic drone simulator. This drone racing simulator gives you a lot of customization and a better example of practicing FPV flying. It offers the following features:

  • Use your own controller or their controller to get the best customization.
  • Fly over 130 models.
  • Supported by MAC and Apple versions.
  • Fly Phantom and other quadcopters or hexacopters.
  • Fly in rate mode.
  • Fish-eye effect present
  • Adjust FPV camera tilt angle.


This drone simulator is comparatively a new one in the market. It is a specifically designed drone racing simulator and it integrates well with FPV goggle system. This software is inexpensive and fun to use. It offers the following features:

  • Integrates with FPV Goggle systems.
  • Well designed and aesthetic.
  • PC and Mac versions are also available.
  • Comparatively cheap.
  • Helps you learn flying from the first person view.

When talking about drone simulator games, there are plenty available in the market. However, one ultimate game for all the game lovers is Real Drone Simulator. It allows you to learn to fly different models without harming others or breaking your own aircraft. This game is based on ‘career mode’. You will be allowed to collect virtual money in order to build and buy new aircrafts or its parts. You can even use this money to maintain and fly your quadcopters.

This drone simulator game contains local and online multiplayer modes. Here upto 4-8 pilots can challenge each other’s skills. The developers also have ‘seed plans’ for International Championships as well.

Apart from this, there are also some drone simulation app games which you must try.

Other honourable drone simulators:


This app has decent graphics and it creates a theater to play the game. You can change the environment settings and drop objects. This drone simulation app is full of some cool features and is a must try for all those who wish to learn good pilot skills. This application is available for free on the Play Store.


This is the best drone simulator app online. It will provide you with the best overall flying experience. To be frank, it does not have the best graphics but it won’t be a big issue as the application has a Phantom drone whose physics you would like to know.


This drone simulation app is one of the best one in the market. It not only has cool graphics but also some cool features. The best part about it is that the drone takes off just like some real drone in the real world. The only disappointment is that this app is not available for free.

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