The 5 Best LIPO Batteries


Today, the market is stuffed with different variants of lithium polymer or Lipo batteries which are specifically designed for different drones. Choosing an appropriate battery can be an arduous task. The correct Lipo battery, basically depends on the type and size of your drone and also the number of motors you use.

There are some of the best Lipo batteries in the market which include-



This small battery delivers very high performance. This battery is exclusively designed for Crazyflie 2.0 mini quadcopter. It has a 240 mAh capacity and weighs around 7.1 grams. The battery works on a nominal 3.7 volt. Like any other Lipo battery, some precautions need to be taken while using this brand. It is necessary to charge it with a proper charger to prevent any kind of malfunctions. Priced pretty cheap, this is one of the cheapest batteries available in the market.



Lipo battery for Phantom 4 is an intelligent flight battery with a 530 mAh capacity. It is specifically designed for Phantom 4 quadcopter , enabling it to deliver optimal performance. The battery comes with built-in LEDs and sensors which notify you about the battery level in real time. A fully charged DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery Bundle can last for about 28 minutes on an average. It is one of the costliest batteries in the market.


gens ace

There are different capacity variants of Gens Ace in the market. You can find batteries at 5000 mAh, 1600 mAh, 6000 mAh, 4300 mAh etc. These batteries are optimally priced .

GENS ACE is one of the top most battery corporations who provide batteries for different scales of RC models like nitro cars, aero planes, vessels, electronic cars, toys, drones etc.

Tattu LiPo Battery Pack


Like Gens Ace, you can also find different capacity variants ofTattu LiPo Battery Packs in the market. You can even find some very high capacity batteries up to 10000 and 22000 mAh. Tattu LiPo Batteries are specifically designed for the latest unmanned aircraft vehicles, which, of course includes drones and quadcopters. These batteries have an amazing life, almost double the standard Lipo technology. The batteries are packed with fire proof and vibration proof material which thus, provides you aircraft vehicle, an obstruction and hassle free flight.



YUNEEC comes at a proprietary battery size and has about 5400 mAh capacity. The output voltage of the battery is about 11.1 V DC. It is comparatively heavier than other batteries and weighs around 1.5 pounds. The average flight time of one battery is approximately thirteen minutes, which is pretty low when compared to some advanced batteries like DJI Phantom etc.

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