5 Unexpected Uses for Drones

The FAA estimates that there will be nearly seven million registered drones in the United States by 2020 alone. While plenty of drones today are operated by hobbyists, others are owned by government agencies and private enterprises.

Despite drones having a reputation of being controversial technology, they can be extremely beneficial to our future. No matter how much back talk they have gotten about not being safe, unethical, and the cause of accidents, here are the top five ways a drone’s benefits far outweigh its negatives.


1. Disaster Aid:

Dozens of communities in the world are cut off from necessary air drops due to their war or dangerous activity that can prevent people from getting the aid and food they need. Additionally, there are other places where planes simply cannot get access to. Fortunately, the US has a team hard at work developing drones that can help deliver food and aid to places where airplanes and humans cannot access.

One project includes a drone that is the food itself. When the drone arrives at the target spot, people can break it apart and use it to light a fire, whereas the wings are filled with food. This can create a single turning point in using controversial technology, such as drones, to help benefit a less fortunate population.

2. Fishing:

Drones can also prove to be quite useful for fishers. Drones are often used to make the process of fishing, both recreational and commercial, much easier. There are two main ways that drones can be used to facilitate fishing. The first type of fishing drone can be used to cast your line out further than you could by simply using your arms. The drone hooks onto your line and can be flown as far away from your boat as the line allows. This is super helpful, especially if you are fishing from the coast.

Another great use of drones for fishing involved their camera. With the use of the best drone for fishing, you can fly it above the water to get a better view of your surroundings. With a bird’s eye view, you can easily spot large groups of fish nearby or any dangers that may be lurking in the waters around you.

3. Farming:

There is great potential for the use of drones in farming. As we know, most farms are very large. Therefore, it can take a lot of time checking on and monitoring crops, cattle, and irrigation pipes. All of this takes time and money to complete. Usually, multiple people are needed for these jobs. Farmers must account for their workers’ salaries, as well as vehicles and fuel needed to check on these parts of the farm. Thus, costs can add up quickly.

This is why more and more farmers are relying on drone technology for the care of their farms. Drones have built-in sensors and onboard cameras that can send back information and video in real time. This technology is saving farmers a lot of time and money on the upkeep of their land.

4. Drones For Personal Security:

Drones can not only be used to provide much-needed aid to people, but they can also be used to keep your property and your family safe. Sure you install security cameras or an alarm system, but there will almost always be blind spots. In this aspect, drones can succeed where ordinary security cameras fail.

In order to protect your property from break-ins, theft, and home invasions, there are a few things you can do with your drone. Consider sending out a drone to patrol your property while you are at work every day or away on vacation. This way, you can monitor your property remotely from wherever you are. For nighttime security, you can also make use of a drone with a camera and motion detector. Use these features to record night vision or infrared video while you sleep soundly. You could also connect your drone to any smart lights you have installed on your property. If your drone detects any motion, it can direct the lights to turn on, even when the motion is out of the area of the light’s sensors.

5. Pizza Delivery Drone:

Why should somebody drive a pizza to your house when somebody could fly it to you? There are all sorts of road distractions and obstacles that can delay your takeout order. However, there are no traffic jams or red lights in the sky! A drone would be a faster and easier method of delivering a pizza.

In fact, Domino’s in the United States has been working on what they are calling a “DomiCopter.” This is a delivery drone that can fly pizza anywhere within a four-mile radius of a Domino’s store. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. The project is still in development and there is no set date on when we will get to see pizza drones flying in the sky.

Drones are a great piece of technology that has a handful of useful features that can benefit nearly anyone in the world. No matter how controversial they may seem, anything can pose a problem or threat when not being used to its full potential. Hopefully, the world can see what a difference drones can make to the world, and their technology is built on to create a better and brighter future.


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