Pokémon Action Figures

The Pokémon trainer’s main goal is to compete in Pokédex by collecting all the available Pokémon species in the fictional region, and as trainers, they need to train them and become Pokémon Masters. Almost all Pokémon franchise has the theme of collecting, training and battling Pokémons. Ash Ketchum starts his journey to become a Pokémon Master; Oak is a Pokémon researcher, and he gives Ash his first Pokémon, Pikachu. In his journey, Ash makes friends with water Pokémon trainer, Misty and a Pokémon breeder, Brock. Together they set out to collect Pokémon species.

The following are some of the Pokémon Action Figures:


Pokemon X and Y MC-002 Bulbasaur/Fushigidane Action Figure:

Pros: Bulbasaur action figure is highly detailed and is perfect for all Pokémon fans who are interested to collect every single Pokémon. The quality of the figure is excellent, and it is well balanced.

Customer Review: The painting on the figure is done neatly, and quality of the plastic is good and sturdy.

Cons: The size of the figure could have been slightly bigger for the price that is paid.

Pokemon X and Y MC-047 2" Raichu Action Figure:

Pros: The X and Y MC-047 Raichu Action Figure is perfect for any Pokémon action figure collector, and it is about 2” tall. Raichu is very cute, and the painting is done perfectly even though it is quite small in size.

Customer Review: The product is very pleasing, and the built quality of Raichu is good. There were concerns about the tails, but it had turned out just fine. The action looks exactly like how it is shown in the Picture.

Cons:  Few people may feel that it is too small and that the size could have been a little bigger.

SP-16 Official Pokemon X and Y Mega Charizard Y Figure:

Pros: Charizard figure has movable parts, and various poses can be recreated from the anime series. The details on Charizard are evident, and the painting is top notch.

Customer Review: The item is exactly as how it is described in the picture. It is a great product to add to your collections.

Cons: The figure was smaller than it was expected. Charizard was presumed to be slightly bigger.

SP-17 Official Pokemon X and Y Mega Blastoise Figure:

Pros: The Blastoise figure has movable parts, and any Blastoise fan would love the product. You are also able to recreate some great poses as there are lots of articulation points.

Customer Reviews: The product stands out flawlessly on the desk surface and has a good paint quality. The figure is sturdy and also larger than most of the other Pokémon action figures produced by this company, and the product is worth for the money you paid.

Cons: The pose-ability may make the limbs of Blastoise a little weak, so it is advised that it should not be moved very often.

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