Deadpool Action Figures

Deadpool is from the Marvel Universe. Wade Wilson is a special force operative and works as a mercenary in the City of New York. He falls in love with an escort named Venessa Carlysle, and they decide to get married. But, Wilson is later diagnosed with terminal Cancer, and so he leaves her without even telling her so that she would not have to watch him die. Ajax and Angel Dust come up with an experimental medicine which might have a chance of curing his cancer. The experiment cured him, but it left him disfigured with a lot of burns. Wilson attacks Ajax, and he escapes from the chamber, but later he finds out that Ajax has a way to cure his disfigurements. So Wilson sets on a mission to find Ajax to get the cure.

The following are some of the Deadpool Action Figures:  


Epic Marvel Number 00 Deadpool 1/4 Scale Figure:

Pros: The figure is incredibly detailed and features the Marvel’s Deadpool. It has over 30 points of articulation, and it comes along with katana, sai, rifle, UZI, pistol, and a knife.

Customer Reviews: The Deadpool 1/4 Scale Figure is exceptionally detailed, and you are also provided with many accessories for it to pose. 

Cons: The sword sheaths come off very easily, and you need to be cautious of that.

12 Collective: Marvel X-Force Deadpool Action Figure:

Pros: The product has a detailed outfit and a unique portrait sculpture. It has over 30 points of articulation, and it comes with the newly developed head portraits, interchangeable hands, cloth costume. Some of the weapons that come along are grenades, machine gun, katana, rocket launcher, grenade launcher and two submachine guns.

Customer Review: The figure has a brilliant posing style, and you can recreate various scenes.

Cons: The weapons seem to fall off his hands sometimes.

Marvel Bishoujo Lady Deadpool:

Pros: The lady Deadpool figure has a display base which gives it a great balance. The texture and the pose of the product are also elegant. It comes with interchangeable heads and hand pieces.

Customer Review: The product is just like how it is described in the picture and it makes a good addition to your collection.

Cons: The second head (Unmasked one) that comes along with the product seems a little too big for the figure.

Deadpool Nendoroid No.662 Deadpool (Orechan Edition):

Pros: The outfit of Deadpool has been shrunk to a cute Nendoroid figure, and it comes with various expressions and poses. You can also make him pose with his heart popping from his eyes. The product has good stability and does not require any stand to support the product.

Customer Review: It is a little pricey but is worth for all the expressions it can make. The figure has excellent articulation and also comes with interchangeable parts.

Cons: Any Deadpool figure must have a gun but the Nendoroid Deadpool has only Kanata swords.

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