5 Unexpected Uses for Drones


The FAA estimates that there will be nearly seven million registered drones in the United States by 2020 alone. While plenty of drones today are operated by hobbyists, others are owned by government agencies and private enterprises.

Despite drones having a reputation of being controversial technology, they can be extremely beneficial to our future. No matter how much back talk they have gotten about not being safe, unethical, and the cause of accidents, here are the top five ways a drone’s benefits far outweigh its negatives.


1. Disaster Aid:

Dozens of communities in the world are cut off from necessary air drops due to their war or dangerous activity that can prevent people from getting the aid and food they need. Additionally, there are other places where planes simply cannot get access to. Fortunately, the US has a team hard at work developing drones that can help deliver food and aid to places where airplanes and humans cannot access.

One project includes a drone that is the food itself. When the drone arrives at the target spot, people can break it apart and use it to light a fire, whereas the wings are filled with food. This can create a single turning point in using controversial technology, such as drones, to help benefit a less fortunate population.

2. Fishing:

Drones can also prove to be quite useful for fishers. Drones are often used to make the process of fishing, both recreational and commercial, much easier. There are two main ways that drones can be used to facilitate fishing. The first type of fishing drone can be used to cast your line out further than you could by simply using your arms. The drone hooks onto your line and can be flown as far away from your boat as the line allows. This is super helpful, especially if you are fishing from the coast.

Another great use of drones for fishing involved their camera. With the use of the best drone for fishing, you can fly it above the water to get a better view of your surroundings. With a bird’s eye view, you can easily spot large groups of fish nearby or any dangers that may be lurking in the waters around you.

3. Farming:

There is great potential for the use of drones in farming. As we know, most farms are very large. Therefore, it can take a lot of time checking on and monitoring crops, cattle, and irrigation pipes. All of this takes time and money to complete. Usually, multiple people are needed for these jobs. Farmers must account for their workers’ salaries, as well as vehicles and fuel needed to check on these parts of the farm. Thus, costs can add up quickly.

This is why more and more farmers are relying on drone technology for the care of their farms. Drones have built-in sensors and onboard cameras that can send back information and video in real time. This technology is saving farmers a lot of time and money on the upkeep of their land.

4. Drones For Personal Security:

Drones can not only be used to provide much-needed aid to people, but they can also be used to keep your property and your family safe. Sure you install security cameras or an alarm system, but there will almost always be blind spots. In this aspect, drones can succeed where ordinary security cameras fail.

In order to protect your property from break-ins, theft, and home invasions, there are a few things you can do with your drone. Consider sending out a drone to patrol your property while you are at work every day or away on vacation. This way, you can monitor your property remotely from wherever you are. For nighttime security, you can also make use of a drone with a camera and motion detector. Use these features to record night vision or infrared video while you sleep soundly. You could also connect your drone to any smart lights you have installed on your property. If your drone detects any motion, it can direct the lights to turn on, even when the motion is out of the area of the light’s sensors.

5. Pizza Delivery Drone:

Why should somebody drive a pizza to your house when somebody could fly it to you? There are all sorts of road distractions and obstacles that can delay your takeout order. However, there are no traffic jams or red lights in the sky! A drone would be a faster and easier method of delivering a pizza.

In fact, Domino’s in the United States has been working on what they are calling a “DomiCopter.” This is a delivery drone that can fly pizza anywhere within a four-mile radius of a Domino’s store. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. The project is still in development and there is no set date on when we will get to see pizza drones flying in the sky.

Drones are a great piece of technology that has a handful of useful features that can benefit nearly anyone in the world. No matter how controversial they may seem, anything can pose a problem or threat when not being used to its full potential. Hopefully, the world can see what a difference drones can make to the world, and their technology is built on to create a better and brighter future.


Hubsan H502S: A Quick Review

Hubsan H502S

Hubsan is one of the top manufacturers of the mini aerial vehicles that are also known as drones or quad copters. The latest release of Hubsan is Hubsan H502S. So here we are to review the product and list out the specifications, pro, cons, suggestions, and conclusion. So if there are any drone lovers out there, stay here and find out if Hubsan H502S will fulfill your expectations.

Hubsan H502S


  • Hubsan H502S comes with a 720P built-in HD camera that can capture both videos and photos
  • It has a built-in SD card slot and an FPV GPS transmitter with an LCD screen that measures 4.3.”
  • 4 LED indicators are fixed on the drone’s body.
  • It has GPS positioning facility that pins down the exact location of the drone. It also supports a one-key mode, and in a single press, your drone is back home.
  • The drone is enabled with the ‘follow me’ function
  • It has different modes like the ‘Headless mode’ and ‘GPS altitude mode.’
  • It has a rechargeable battery and the charging time is around 30 to 40 minutes
  • The size of the drone is 166x166x60 mm
  • PROS:

  • The design of the quad copter is good and compact as drone lovers would expect it to be.
  • The packaging of the product is good. So the safety of the products inside is assured.
  • The package comes along with a manual that is simple and understandable
  • The drone is priced fairly, and for the same reason, drone users love Hubsan H502S.
  • There are a lot of other impressive features like the GPS mode, Follow me mode, Headless mode, and a few others.
  • CONS:

  • The manufacturers have to take care of quality control
  • For the cost of Hubsan H502S, a Full-HD camera was more than a mere requirement, which disappointed the buyers
  • The installation process is a bit tedious.
  • However, there are some suggestions that we would love to bring to the notice of the makers, to achieve a better flight experience. The propeller installation is a bit complex. A suitable measure has to be taken so that beginners will not suffer from the partially fixed drone in their hands. The next thing is that we strongly recommend a full HD camera for better experience a 720P camera is not sufficient.

    So the bottom line is that the drone as a whole performs well except for the above-stated cons and corrections. However, to be honest there a few other drones in the market that performs exceedingly well. But being the first GPS drone, Hubsan H502S, has a fan following for itself.

    Yuneec Breeze: Its Coolest Features and Overall Performance

    Yuneec Breeze

    Yuneec is a Chinese International Aircraft manufacturing company. They manufacture both man-carrying air crafts and unmanned aerial vehicles. An electric powered paraglider was the first vehicle that they ever manufactured. From the paraglider till their recent launch of Yuneec Breeze everything has been a successful venture for the company. Talking about Yuneec, you cannot ignore the idea of Breeze. This drone is their latest launch, and it has been creating a buzz among the drone lovers. The drone is designed in such a way that it has become an alternative to most of its competitors.

    Yuneec Breeze


  • The first feature that will entice you is the 4K resolution camera that comes along with this aerial vehicle.
  • It is probably the drone that can give the effect of the tallest selfie stick ever, because now with Breeze you can capture yourself and take selfies the way you want them to be
  • The next coolest feature of the drone is its pilot mode. When you feel like you are not prepared to control anything, but still have your drone up in the air, then switch it to pilot mode and take some rest.
  • Orbit Mode is the next advanced feature that is available in this drone. Fix your target. The target can be you or any other specific location. The drone keeps orbiting the location until you ask it to stop.
  • Journey mode is a feature in which the drone is going to stay away from you for a while. It slowly travels to a nearby place and gets back to you. But the best part is that all through the journey it keeps an eye on you through its viewfinder.
  • The drone is ultra-light and compact. It is best suited for flying, and you can drop them in anywhere on the go. They are not going to take much of your space.
  • It has GPS positioning system. So there is no way you are losing the drone.
  • PROS:

  • The above-listed features for itself speak about how advantageous this little drone is. There are a lot of modes, and you can stay convenient and handle the drone the way you want to.
  • It is simply equal to a pet that is electronically alive. It can follow you, capture you, locate you, travel a little distance and get back to you. Standing to your orders, it can simply keep you happy all the time.
  • The best part of this drone is the selfie feature in the best possible resolution. One feature that can keep the users happy and content.
  • CONS:

  • Though all is good about this little bot, there are certain disappointments too. There were quite a number of users who were seeking redressal with regard to dead batteries and poor overall performance.
  • Individually the features are great. But when they are put together as a package there seems to be quite a mess. If this issue is taken care of, then probably Yuneec Breeze is going to be the best drone ever in the market.
  • Tarantula X6 – Did it Live up to the Expectations?

    Tarantula X6

    Before we get to the serious part of understanding how Tarantula works, we have something interesting to share. The device is named Tarantula after the name of a spider that belongs to the hairy arachnid’s family. The makers of the drone have also witnessed success in masking the front of the drone with a spider like structure giving the effect of a lifeless spider that functions mechanically. Unlike the first edition that was packed in large fancy boxes, the latest version of these X6 quad copters is all arriving in small boxes. Everything about the drone, starting from the packaging to what you are supposed to expect in these boxes are all listed here. So if you are longing to know the right things about this drone before you gift yourself one, you are at the right place.

    Tarantula X6

    Tarantula X6 – Features:

  • Tarantula is a big sized copter and also supports good payload capacity that enables it to lift the camera with ease.
  • The anti-vibration mount available helps the user to place them in steep zones and still stay unalarmed about the consequences when the camera vibrates.
  • It has other features like 6-axis gyroscope, hyper IOC orientation mode, and LVC battery alarm.
  • With the LED lights that are available on the copters, your camera can effortlessly pull off night stunts and shoots. The control range is about 100 to 300 meters, which is a pretty decent distance for a drone.
  • It has adjustable flight speed at three different percentiles. The rates are 40%, 60%, and 100%.
  • The flight time is about 8 to 9 minutes.
  • The things that make up your package are spare props, transmitter, propeller guards, screwdriver, battery, charger, landing legs, and screws.
  • PROS:

  • X6 is widely acclaimed as one of the fairly priced drones available in the market today.
  • It is highly appreciated for its speed and power. It has a good load capacity that enables it to carry stuff like GoPro and gimbal.
  • In spite of the large body frame, the speed of the drone is good. The drone is not going to let to live in peace without the batteries turned off. This way you know when your battery is on and if you are not using the drone, you can save a lot of energy.
  • The screen is also designed in such a way that it is rationally informative. By this, I mean that your screen is not going to carry symbols that you have never even seen before. All it is going to talk about is the battery life, signal strength, and the trimming axis.
  • It costs about $60 which is highly reasonable for the features the drone has in it.
  • CONS:

  • Few users have registered complaints that some of the attachments that come along with the package are brittle and break easily. So you are expected to get some spare parts before you get to work.
  • Though there are things to take care of the vibration, this drone vibrates more than it has to, making it a disadvantage.
  • The last thing is that the mounting process consumes more time when compared to other drones. However, it is important that you spend the time it demands. You do not want your drone to dismantle and fall apart in mid air.
  • Syma X8HG: A Complete Review

    Syma X8HG

    When Syma released its first drone, it became an instant hit and released positive reviews from both critics and users. Though they were a lot of promising competitors, Syma rose to the position of being the next best alternative preferred by a lot of drone lovers both in terms of functions and price. Now that it has released its next version of drone, the Syma X8HG, the expectations are quite high with regard to its performance. But we will have to wait for a while to understand the features, pros, and cons of Syma X8HG.

    Syma X8HG


    The following are the features of the drone:

    • The drone can operate in headless mode. Here the operator need not have to focus on the headpiece of the copter. All he needs to focus on is operating the drone in the direction of the operating rod.
    • It comes along with 6-axis flight control systems and an inbuilt camera. The 6-axis equips the drone to hover a longer time mid-air when compared to other drones.
    • Since it functions with the barometer set height, you need not have to pressure the accelerator nob to keep the drone in the same height.
    • The drone comes along with anti-drop and anti-collision features.
    • The remote controller has a button that enables the drone to go around in 3600 that helps you capture things the best possible.
    • The excellent flashing lights are placed on the drone that makes it visible even in a night ride.
    • No matter how good the product is, it has its own merits and demerits. So here we have listed the best and worst things of Syma.


  • A good quality camera with 8MP version along with a mount comes as a part of the package.
  • The best things about Syma is the Altitude Holder Feature, which most toy copters do not have.
  • The copter comes with a scratch guard that makes the drone resilient against damage.
  • With good camera and lights that are a part of the drone helps us pull off night stints seamlessly
  • CONS:

  • When compared to its competitors, the flight time is comparatively low. It ranges somewhere around 5 to 7 minutes
  • It can be controlled only from a distance of 70 meters whereas most competitive drones go up to 200 to 300 meters. It is considered as the biggest demerit as far as Syma X8HG is concerned.
  • Force1 U28W

    Force1 U28W


    Drones are not anymore a thing of the future. Most countries have gone liberal in terms of private usage of drones. Flying a quadcopter has become a part of fun and recreation. They are highly helpful for tourist and people who wish to explore the other side of nature. So here we are going to talk about one of the best drones available in the market. If you are already a drone user, you would have heard this name earlier. It is none other than Force1 U28W so let us discuss its features, pros, and cons.

    Force1 U28W


    Listed here are some of the significant features of Force1 U28W:

    • It has the first person view feature which enables the user to view the live video of what is being shot, and video is shot from the pilot's point of view.
    • The drone can also be attached to a VR headset
    • The drone can be connected to either an iPhone or an android device to get better access to the videos and photos taken by the drone.
    • The smartphone can be synchronized with the drone through FPV Wi-Fi feature which can instantly bring life to your flights.
    • The Altitude Hold function of the drone makes it easy for the beginners to fly the drone with ease. This makes it the perfect beginners drone when compared to the other high-end drones available in the market.
    • Pictures and videos can be captured in 720P HD. They can be saved in the 4GB Micro SD
    • It has provision for an additional battery and the flight time can be prolonged with an extra battery.
    • It has 1200 wide angle format, and the drone takes off and lands in one simple touch.
    • The desired path in which your drone has to fly can be seen on the mobile app screen, and the drone will fly along the same path without any assistance. The feature is called the Custom Route Mode.


  • A lot of reviews say that Force1 U28W is a great product for the beginners this clearly states that people who know advanced levels of handling a drone might feel Force1 U28W like a toy in their handles.
  • Some of the parts are fragile that the users feel that the drone might fall apart anytime. No one wants to spend on a drone only to see it break off in the air.
  • This drone is backed by an app that supports virtual flying. The app isn’t as good as expected. The app works in such a way that it brings down the reputation of the drone.
  • DJI-Spark: A Quick Review


    DJI stands for Da-Jiang Innovation Science and Technology Co. Ltd. It is a Chinese manufacturing company that manufactures drones that are used for aerial photography and videography, gimbals, flight platform and much more. DJI is the world leader in the civilian drone industry as its caters to the requirements of 70% of drone users across the globe. This fame is too tall for a company that came into existence only a decade ago, along with so many competitors already prevailing in the market.


    After a series of successful launches, they have recently introduced their new product ‘Spark’ into the market. For people who would want to find something relatively cheap, Sparks is a great option. It has gained attention through its defining features such as gesture control that has come as an alternate for the remote control system. So as far as Spark is concerned, you can use both the remote mode and gesture mode to control your quad copter.

    Features of DJI-Spark:

  • The take-off weight of the drone is 300g, and its dimensions are 143x143x55 mm
  • The maximum speed of the drone is 31mph provided you are holding the drone in sports mode in good weather conditions.
  • The preferable temperature range can lie anywhere in between 320 to 1040 F.
  • The transmitter power is 2.4GHz
  • The maximum flight time is 16 minutes, while the hovering time is 15 minutes. However, these numbers are prone to fluctuation depending on the weather conditions.
  • PROS:

  • DJI Spark is unbelievably handy, making it the best when it comes to portability. However, the arms of the copter are quite stubborn, unlike DJI Mavic that has fold-able arms.
  • The gesture mode is the best part of DJI Spark.
  • The charging options are easy in DJI Spark when compared to the previous products.
  • The camera installed in the quad copter and the picture quality is fine for a beginner.
  • There are not too many technical issues that you have to take care of, so it becomes easy to handle without taking into the head a lot of instructions from the operation manual.
  • CONS:

  • The picture quality is fit for a beginner. However, a professional has to take his call.
  • The intensity of the wavelengths, color, and light and related modifications are going to be a trouble as there are no ND filters. (Neutral density)
  • DJI Spark is not able to withstand unprecedented weather conditions.
  • Though the charging features are easily the battery runs out quickly. The user has to charge the battery for two hours in order to use the copter for 2.5 hours.
  • Though Gesture mode feature is a great addition to the drone, one common complaint registered by most of the users is that the drone can switch off and fall while flying. This means that there can be no substitute for the conventional remote control feature. So it looks like DJI has to work harder to set things right.
  • Who Invented Quadcopter?


    The quadcopter, a device which is quite popular these days is a multi-rotor helicopter that gets lifted with the help or four rotors which help the propellers to propel and give the quadcopter a flight. The device has two sets of identical propellers. One pair to spin in the clockwise direction and the other pair rotates in the anticlockwise direction. This quadcopter is popularly known as drones and is used by individuals for many purposes. Some drones are used to take aerial photos and underwater photos while others get used for drone racing, fishing, commercial use, etc.

    Early attempts:

    Louis Breguet

    Some of the first attempts in designing a quadcopter started way back in the year 1907 by Louis Breguet. He managed to lift the device few feet above the ground, but not much information is known about the instrument. Later people like Etienne Oehmichen experimented with four rotors and eight propellers. In the year 1922, Dr. George de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome designed a small aircraft with six bladed rotors in an X-shaped structure. In 1958, Curtiss-Wright developed a VZ-7 which got controlled by altering the thrust of the four propellers.

    Recent Developments:

    With the development of technology, the parts needed to design the quadcopter became much easier, and the drone became much lighter for the flight. Many researchers done recently have given insights into the development of drones. Some of them are the Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor which combines the concept of the fixed quadcopter and C-13 military transport; there were hardware and software projects based on Arduino. The Parrot AR. The drone got controlled by radio, and a camera got fixed in the device. Some of the other Kickstarter projects which had cameras attached in their drones were Zano drone and Lilly camera. Unfortunately, these projects did not have much success.

    Where to Buy Quadcopter Parts

    quadcopter parts

    Assembling your quadcopter can be quite hard when you do it for the very first time. You might be very excited about getting your new drone but have difficulties in what part to get and how to fix them together. This post will guide you on what parts you need to buy for your drone and from where you can get these parts.

    The following are the parts you will need:

    • Frames.
    • Motor.
    • Flight controller Board.
    • Radio transmitter and receiver.
    • Battery and a charger.
    quadcopter parts


    Frames are required to hold all the other parts of the drone. The factors you need to consider is the size, weight and the shape of the frame. Make sure that the frame has a clean and easy build.


    You must get the motor based on the weight your drone has to lift. The better the motor, the better will be the spin of the propellers and the flight of the drone.

    Flight controller board:

    The flight controller board determines the flight of the drone.

    Radio transmitter and receiver:

    To control the drone from a far distance, you need a remote controller which has a radio transmitter to give signals to your drone.

    Battery and charger:

    Batteries are one of the most important parts of the drone. Make sure you get a battery with a higher battery life.

    Online sites to get the parts of the drone:

  • Hobbyking: The site Hobbyking is known for selling high-quality drone parts used by professional drone makers. The parts get sold at a lower price.
  • Banggoog: This site offers you the drone parts at a lower price, and they also have free shipping.
  • Readymaderc: The Readymaderc is a good place for getting motors.
  • Eachine: If you are looking for good cameras to fit in your drone then Eachine provides you with plenty of cameras.
  • What we would Like to See in DJI Phantom 5

    DJI Phantom 5

    The DJI Phantom is one of the most awaited drones. All the drone lovers are quite excited about what features will the new DJI Phantom will have. The previous versions of the DJI Phantom series were commendable, and fans are hoping that the DJI Phantom 5 will also have an excellent set of features. Most of us would have already dreamt of the unique features the drone should have, and the following are some of the features on my list.

    • Dual Micro SD Card.
    • Backward compatible batteries.
    • Better landing gear and waterproof.
    • Image sensor size.
    • Panorama Photo mode.
    • Voice controlled flight.
    DJI Phantom 5

    Dual Micro SD Card:

    A second memory card slot must be created for an additional memory card which can act as a backup memory card. In case something happens to the first card then the backup memory card in the second slot can be used. If the drone can toggle over this card automatically, then it would be excellent because when the drone is in flight, it would be impossible to toggle the card manually.

    Backward compatible batteries:

    The backward compatible batteries can get added in the drone, the standardization of the batteries is an outstanding feature. Being able to use the battery, again and again, is a great feature because you do not have to invest in buying a battery each time the battery gets exhausted.

    The controller of DJI Phantom 4 was not entirely compatible with Mavic, so the controller of the newer series can get designed in a better way which is compactable with Mavic.

    Better landing gear and waterproof:

    Landing gears are an essential part of the drone. You need to have a right landing gear to land your drone safely. Otherwise, there are chances of getting you drone to crash land. One of the least favorite features in the DJI Phantom 4 was the landing gears. So we are hoping to have a better landing gear in the DJI Phantom 5 drone. Another feature we expect in all the drones is the waterproof feature. If your drone accidentally falls into the water, then it would be great if the drone is waterproof. For those interested in underwater photography, the waterproof feature is beneficial.

    Image sensor size:

    Greater image sensor size and low light photo capability and sharpness are expected in the camera of the DJI Phantom 5 drones. Color accuracy and dynamic range are also some of the features planned for the DJI Phantom 5’s camera.

    Panorama Photo mode:

    Including the panorama feature in the camera while capturing vertical pictures is a cool feature which the aerial photographers would enjoy. The function is similar to the one that iPhones have.

    Voice controlled fl​​​​ight:

    The Voice controlled flight is a characteristic which seems to be impossible at the moment. But if we think about it, the controlling will get much easier when we give small commands to the drone. Having a headset and controlling the drone via Bluetooth is incredible.